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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

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WPP, the marketing services company, has bought Tyrell, the provider of computer-based production equipment, for undisclosed terms.31-Dec-1998

ITE, the organiser of international trade shows, has acquired IEG-Solingen of Germany for £1.4m.30-Dec-1998

Daily Mail & General Trust is acquiring Why Publications, the Midlands-based publisher of a free advertisement weekly, for £14m.30-Dec-1998

Emap has launched a £720m takeover bid for Petersen Companies, which will enable it to achieve its ambition of entering the US magazine market.16-Dec-1998

Granada is acquiring Artist Services, the Australian programme maker, in order to obtain a base to expand into the southern hemisphere.11-Dec-1998

Guiton Group of Jersey and the Guernsey Press Company are to merge to create a combined newspaper group for the Channel Islands.10-Dec-1998

Chrysalis is to launch the Galaxy FM dance music radio station from two centres in Middlesbrough and Newcastle next summer, creating up to 70 jobs.08-Dec-1998

Highchase of London has acquired Impala Designs, the Ipswich-based display and advertising sign company.25-Nov-1998

Daily Mail & General Trust is acquiring Radio Mercury, which broadcasts in Reigate and Crawley, from Independent Radio for £3.7m.21-Nov-1998

City of London PR Group is to acquire Boswell City Financial PR for undisclosed terms.21-Nov-1998

Direct Network Publishing is acquiring Symphony Telecommunications, the supplier of premium-rate information services, for £10m.21-Nov-1998

Dialog is acquiring Write Works, the Oxford-based developer of online purchasing systems, for up to £6.3m.20-Nov-1998

IBC is to merge with LLP Group, the publisher of Lloyd's List, to create a £315m business publishing group called Informa.20-Nov-1998

WPP Group has bought Performers Group, the Belgian healthcare specialist with annual sales of $4m.19-Nov-1998

Media Business, the advertising sales company, is to be acquired by MediaCom, a division of Grey Advertising of the US, for £28m.18-Nov-1998

Prism Leisure, the home entertainment wholesaler, is to be acquired by Linkwill, a newly-formed unquoted company, in a £6.5m deal.12-Nov-1998

Columbus Group is buying EFM Publishing, the publisher of the European Fund Manager magazine, for up to £2m.12-Nov-1998

Mail Marketing, the Bedminster-based direct marketing company, is planning to open a call centre in Bristol which will employ up to 100 people.10-Nov-1998

Taylor & Francis is acquiring Routledge Publishing, the academic publisher, for £90m.05-Nov-1998

Trinity, the regional newspaper company, has sold its US operation to a management team for £34m.05-Nov-1998

BSkyB is to recruit a further 1,200 staff at its Scottish call centre as well as an extra 500 engineers in order to cope with demand for its new digital TV service.31-Oct-1998

Reuters has acquired Agence de Presse Medicale, the French medical news service, for undisclosed terms.27-Oct-1998

IPC has acquired Link House Media, the magazine publisher, for undisclosed terms.14-Oct-1998

Harmsworth Publishing of Cambridge has acquired Landmark Information Group, the Exeter-based provider of site-specific land and property information.12-Oct-1998

Kingston Communications has bought Teleport London International, the broadcaster of TV and radio programmes to Armed Forces throughout the world, for £10m, in order to gain a foothold in the digital TV revolution.29-Sep-1998

Incepta, the owner of Citigate, has acquired Dewe Rogerson, the public relations and marketing company, for £27m and the new group will be called Citigate Dewe Rogerson.22-Sep-1998

More Group has acquired Sirocco, the French outdoor advertising company, for £52m, and will use it as a base to expand into other European countries.22-Sep-1998

Comtel is to recruit an additional 50 customer service advisers in Reading to cope with an increase in calls from cable TV customers.21-Sep-1998

Tempus is acquiring VSM Media, the US media communications company, for up to £8.7m.10-Sep-1998

Scottish Media Group is set to acquire VCI, the video publisher, for £31m, although a rival bidder may emerge.09-Sep-1998

Photobition, the media services provider, is acquiring Katz Digital Technologies, the US digital graphics company, for £30m.03-Sep-1998

Scottish Media has acquired TAS Publishing, the trade journal publisher, for £3.1m.29-Aug-1998

Reed Elsevier is selling its illustrated books division to management for £33m, and the new business will be called Octopus Publishing Group.24-Aug-1998

Pearson has sold Register Group, the provider of advertising data, to Emap and Extreme Information for £12m.20-Aug-1998

Sanctuary Group is to acquire Ted D Bear Group for about £2m as part of a strategy to become Europe's largest independent operator of music facilities.17-Aug-1998

Abbott Mead Vickers, the advertising agency, is linking up with BBDO Worldwide to acquire Irish International Communications for an initial £3.8m.14-Aug-1998

WPP has acquired Barry Gowers Advertising, the London-based healthcare agency, for an initial £0.7m.11-Aug-1998

Chrysalis Group is acquiring Choice FM Birmingham, the dance music radio station, for £6m.25-Jul-1998

Reuters has bought the fund information service of Lipper Analytical Services of the US for undisclosed terms, as part of a strategy to move into the funds data business.24-Jul-1998

Hurst Publishing, the publisher of Auto Trader magazine, has been acquired by the BC Partners venture capital group for £260m, and a trade sale or flotation could follow later.23-Jul-1998

Interpublic of the US is set to acquire International Public Relations, the UK owner of the Shandwick advertising agency, in a £104m all-share deal.18-Jul-1998

Sleepy Kids, the animation company, is to merge with three other media companies - Clipper Films, Ridgeway Films, and the Richard Digance Card Company - to create a new group called InkLine.17-Jul-1998

Medialink Worldwide of the US is acquiring London Bureau, the UK TV consultancy and photographic agency, for £5m.16-Jul-1998

Mirror Group has acquired the Derry Journal newspaper in Northern Ireland for £18.2m, as part of a strategy to strengthen its position in regional newspapers.09-Jul-1998

ICC, the business information company, is acquiring Market Assessment Publications for undisclosed terms, which will enable it to offer customers a wider range of titles and more detailed research in a number of industry sectors.03-Jul-1998

Harvey Goldsmith Entertainments is planning a reverse takeover of Tring, the lossmaking budget music company, in a £8m deal, and will then look for a number of additional acquisitions.03-Jul-1998

NTL has acquired two cable TV operators - ComTel and Diamond Cable - for a total £1.4bn, in a further rationalisation of the sector that has seen the number of companies fall from 24 to five in the past five years.17-Jun-1998

Carlton Communications has acquired a 50% stake in Central de Video, the Mexican video cassette maker, for £9m.12-Jun-1998

Carlton Communications has acquired National Screen Service, the distributor of promotional material on films to UK cinemas, from its management for £2.2m.12-Jun-1998

Saatchi & Saatchi is selling its Siegel & Gale corporate identity consultancy in the US to management in a £20m deal.09-Jun-1998

WPP has acquired Conway/Milliken & Associates, the US customer research company, as part of a strategy to expand its information and consultancy operations.04-Jun-1998

Lopex, the marketing and communications group, is acquiring Compass Marketing, the loyalty schemes specialist, for £2.7m.01-Jun-1998

DreamWorks SKG of Hollywood is to set up a film production company in London, and will invest £30m a year in the venture.22-May-1998

Pearson is acquiring Simon & Schuster, the US publisher, from Viacom for £2.75bn, and will retain the educational publishing side of the business and sell the remainder to Hicks Muse.18-May-1998

British Digital Broadcasting is appointing British Telecom to manage the customer call centre for its pay-television services, which will create an initial 100 jobs rising to over 1,000.08-May-1998

Capital Radio has acquired Red Dragon Radio, which operates two Welsh radio stations, from Emap for £18.2m.08-May-1998

Pearson has acquired Pasha Publications, the publisher of newsletters on the energy sector, for $18m.08-May-1998

Capital Radio has acquired XFM, the London pop music radio station, for £16m.02-May-1998

Reed Elsevier is acquiring two US legal publishing businesses from Times Mirror for £980m - Matthew Bender and the remaining 50% of Shepard's Company.28-Apr-1998

Pearson has sold its Future Publishing consumer magazines business to a management team backed by Apax Partners for £142m.25-Apr-1998

WPP is acquiring Goldfarb Corporation, the Canadian marketing research consultancy, for £24m.24-Apr-1998

Channel Four is to create 61 new jobs to prepare for the introduction of digital TV and to cope with the increase in the number of programmes being commissioned.23-Apr-1998

Carlton Communications is to invest £20m in the creation of a new company called Carlton Online, which will develop a number of new internet businesses and create 30 jobs.23-Apr-1998

Maverick, the US record label, is planning to open a London operation in the next six months.22-Apr-1998

Eastern Counties Newspapers is acquiring Home Counties Newspapers for £58m, thereby beating off a £60m approach from Southnews.22-Apr-1998

NTL is to acquire NetChannel UK, the interactive TV business, for about $1m in order to offer home shopping services and internet access to cable TV subscribers.16-Apr-1998

Telewest Communications has finalised terms for the £649m acquisition of General Cable, the fifth largest cable TV operator.16-Apr-1998

Kingfisher has acquired F-Beat Records, the owner of the Demon Records music company, for about £2m.07-Apr-1998

Tele-Cine Cell, the post-production company, is to be acquired by Todd-AO of the US for £10m.07-Apr-1998

Birchin International is raising £1.4m in a share offer in order to fund the acquisition of Swinton Castle, as it transforms its business from book publishing to residential training.30-Mar-1998

WPP Group has bought two US marketing consultancies - Charles Rivers Strategies and MSC Channel Research and Consulting.26-Mar-1998

Abbott Mead Vickers has sold its Leagas Delaney advertising agency to management for £4m.26-Mar-1998

Newsquest Media has acquired Property Weekly, the publisher of property advertising newspapers, for £2.5m.12-Mar-1998

Mirror Group is selling its 46% stake in The Independent to Independent Newspapers for £3m, but will retain a contract to print and distribute the newspapers for the next five years.12-Mar-1998

Camden Graphics, the greeting cards company, is being acquired by American Greetings of the US for undisclosed terms.11-Mar-1998

Reed Elsevier has called off its £17bn merger with Wolters Kluwer, following an attempt by Wolters to renegotiate terms because of fears that the European Commission would force the combined group to dispose of a large part of the tax and legal publishing business.10-Mar-1998

More Group is to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications of the US for £446m, which will create the largest outdoor advertising company in the world.06-Mar-1998

Pearson has sold its law and tax publishing business to Thomson Corp for £70m.03-Mar-1998

United News & Media has sold United Provincial Newspapers, the publisher of the Yorkshire Post, to Candover Investments for £360m, and its Spanish regional publishing operation to Hebdo Mag International for £43m.28-Feb-1998

Emap is to acquire London-based Melody Radio for £25m, but will have to sell its Cardiff radio stations to comply with regulations on radio ownership.27-Feb-1998

Southnews is acquiring the southern regional newspapers business of United News & Media for £47.5m.19-Feb-1998

Cementone is acquiring ITE, the international trade show business, for £65m, and will change its name to ITE Group.18-Feb-1998

CSI, the TV sports rights marketing company, has been acquired by Interpublic of the US for undisclosed terms.10-Feb-1998

Getty Communications has acquired Allsport, the sports photographic agency, for £18m, and will use the business to sell images via the internet.09-Feb-1998

A new company called Dataforce has been created to acquire two direct mail companies - Mailforce Group and Eros Marketing Support Services - for £14.5m.05-Feb-1998

Daily Mail & General Trust is about to acquire Essex Radio, in which it already holds 27%, in a deal that values the local radio company at £21m.22-Jan-1998

PolyGram of the Netherlands is said to be planning to set up a visual special effects unit in London, to be used initially for its forthcoming Thunderbirds film.22-Jan-1998

Reed Elsevier has sold IPC Magazines, the UK's largest publisher of consumer magazines, to a management team for £860m in order to focus on business and scientific publications.06-Jan-1998