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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Westbury, the Cheltenham-based housebuilder, is to increase its number of regional divisions from nine to at least 12, as part of a strategy to expand production of new homes by 60% over the next five years.

Westbury is forming a joint venture with Bank of Scotland called Wescott Homes, in order to acquire plots of land for the development of "aspirational" houses and apartments.

Westbury has raised £150m in a private share placing to fund the expansion of its housebuilding business.

Westbury is planning to increase production at its Space4 prefabricated homes factory in Castle Bromwich from 700 to 2,000 panels by 2003, with the creation of 20 jobs.

Westbury is to acquire Prowting for £141m, in order to expand its housebuilding activities in the south of England.

Westbury is planning to expand production at its prefabricated houses plant in Castle Bromwich, with the creation of 70 jobs.

Westbury, the housebuilder, is looking to expand its sales of home-related products in order to offer a one-stop shop for housebuyers.

Westbury is to set up a £10m factory in Castle Bromwich to manufacture 5,000 pre-built houses a year, with the creation of more than 120 jobs.

Westbury is to acquire John Maunders, the housebuilder, for £55m, in order to increase its presence in the north west of England and make cost savings.