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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Ultra Electronics

Ultra Electronics is to sell its global ID business to private equity firm LDC for an initial £22m.

Ultra Electronics Group is setting up a 6,000 sq ft unit at Metropolitan Park in London.

Ultra Electronics is to create 40 new jobs at its sonar systems operations in Weymouth and Greenford, having won a £27m contract from the Royal Navy.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Lab Impex Systems, the supplier of radiation measurement solutions with 58 staff in Poole, Sellafield and the US, for £3.2m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired W&D Holdings, the Basingstoke-based wireless products and services firm, for an initial £6m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Varisys, the High Wycombe-based manufacturer of embedded computing applications, for an initial £16m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire Barron McCann Technology and Barron McCann Payments, the cyber security companies with 58 staff in Derby and Letchworth, for £12m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Giga Communcations, the Hertfordshire-based satellite manufacturer, for an initial £12m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Zu Industries, the US supplier of cyber surveillance systems, for £49m, as well as Special Operations Technology for £25m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired AEP Networks, the supplier of network communication solutions with 80 staff at sites including Ascot and Hemel Hempstead, for an initial £37m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Adaptive Materials, the US manufacturer of portable power solutions with 50 staff, for an initial £15m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Scytale, the US provider of security software and services with 20 staff, for an initial £3.2m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Avalon Systems, the Australian defence electronics firm with 22 staff, for £8m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Siemens Radmon, the Poole-based nuclear sensors company with 48 staff, for about £5m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Dascam Consulting, the UAE-based defence consultancy with 140 staff, for an initial £13m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Weed Instrument, the US instrumentation manufacturer with 100 staff, for £21m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired AudioSoft, the Cirencester-based supplier of data recording systems with 42 staff, for an initial £5m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired ProLogic, the US systems integration and software company with about 300 staff, for an initial £25m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Harris Acoustic Products, the US submarine acoustic transducers supplier with 40 staff, from Channel Technologies for £3.5m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Magneto Inductive Systems, the Canadian signalling and communications firm with 50 staff, for £11m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired BCF Designs, the Cirencester-based developer of electronic test solutions for the military and civil aerospace markets with 40 staff, for £12m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Atkins & Partners, the Doncaster-based supplier of software solutions for emergency planning, for £4m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire Criticom, the US supplier of video conferencing systems with 40 staff, for £16m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Winfrith Safety Systems, the Dorset-based supplier of neutron flux detectors with 24 staff, from Canberra Harwell for £3.1m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Audiopack Technologies, the US supplier of voice communications equipment, for £34m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire the US-based aerospace cockpit instrumentation business of Horizon Aerospace for £2.4m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire the airline and airport IT systems business of Videcom International, which has 20 staff at an office in Henley-on-Thames, for £1.5m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired DNE Systems, the US military communications company, for £22m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire the assets of Ocean Systems, the US-based developer of radio frequency devices, from BAe Systems for £6m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire Radamec Defence Systems, the Surrey-based supplier of surveillance and weapon control systems with about 70 staff, for £6m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire SML Technologies, the Southampton-based developer of electronic surveillance products with 40 staff, for £6.5m.

Ultra Electronics is to acquire CMC Electronics Military Communications of Canada for £22m.

Ultra Electronics has acquired Datel Ferranti, the defence software company, for £44m.

Ultra Electronics, the manufacturer of civil aviation equipment, is acquiring Advanced Programming Concepts of the US for £6.3m.

Ultra Electronics is acquiring Raytheon's sonobuoy business in the US for £13m, and will integrate it with its Hermes operation in Canada.