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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Smiths Industries

Smiths Industries is to sell Lambda Advanced Analog, its US electric power controls business, to International Rectifier Corp for £12m.

Smiths Industries is to acquire Fairchild Defense, the US aerospace components company, from Orbital Sciences for £69m.

Smiths Industries is to acquire TI Group for £1.77bn, which will expand its aerospace division and give it a new sealing solutions division.

Smiths Industries is to close its Quartz air conditioning factories at Ferndown and Wimborne, Dorset, in order to transfer the work to Roof Units Engineering in Dudley, where up to 95 jobs will be created.

Smiths Industries is to acquire Florida RF Labs, the US telecoms components company, for £16m.

Smiths Industries is looking to spend up to £750m on acquisitions, in order to expand its aerospace, engineering and medical businesses.

Smiths Industries is to acquire Actuation Systems, the US-based aircraft utilities business, from BAe Systems for £63m.

Smiths Industries is to acquire EMC Technology, the US manufacturer of high-performance connectors, for £26m.

Smiths Industries has acquired Sabritec, the US manufacturer of electronic connectors, for £32m.

Smiths Industries is to acquire Environmental Technologies Group, the US manufacturer of sensors that detect harmful substances, for £9m.

Smiths Industries is acquiring Stewart Hughes, the supplier of aerospace diagnostic systems, for £8m.

Smiths Industries has acquired Transtector Systems, the US power equipment company, for £21m.

Smiths Industries is acquiring Biochem International, the US monitoring equipment company, for £49m in order to expand its critical and respiratory care activities.

Smiths Industries is selling the recently-acquired Graseby's product monitoring and environmental divisions to Thermo Electron of the US for £44m, and will use the proceeds to cut debt.

Smiths Industries is acquiring Graseby, the medical and instrument testing equipment concern, for £136m.

Smiths Industries has acquired Torin Holdings, the small fans and motors company, for £15.5m, and PolyPhaser, the US maker of lightning protection equipment, for £17.5m.

Smiths Industries has acquired Leland Electronics, the US maker of electrical power generators, for £19m.

Smiths Industries is acquiring Air Movement, the ventilation equipment concern, for £47m, and Adaptaflex, the conduits maker, for £21m.

Smiths Industries has bought Level 1 Technologies, the US maker of blood-warming equipment, for $60m.