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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Smiths Group

Smiths Group is to acquire Power Holdings, the US provider of power supply equipment with 370 staff, for £145m.

Smiths Group has acquired Orion Corporation, the US manufacturer of hydrodynamic bearings with 270 staff, for undisclosed terms, in order to expand its John Crane division.

Smiths Group has acquired Triasx, the Australian wireless communications components manufacturer with 160 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Smiths Group has acquired Fiberod, the US supplier of oil and gas lifting equipment with 150 staff, as well as Indufil, the Dutch petrochemical filters company with 95 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Smiths Group has sold Marine Systems, its Essex-based business trading as Kelvin Hughes and ChartCo with 330 staff, to KH Finance for £52m.

Smiths Group has acquired Sartorius Bearing Technology, the German supplier of high-performance rotating equipment with 100 staff, for £14m.

Smiths Group has acquired CDI Energy Services, the US supplier of pumping equipment, for £19m.

Smiths Group is to sell its London-based aerospace division, which has 11,500 staff and manufacturing facilities in five countries, to General Electric of the US for £2.4bn.

Smiths Group has acquired Lorch Microwave, the US microwave filter technology company with 155 staff, for £14m.

Smiths Group has acquired LiveWave, the US developer of software systems that link sensors and video cameras to remote viewing stations, for £10m.

Smiths Group has acquired Millitech, the US manufacturer of millimetre wave components and assemblies, for £18m.

Smiths Group has acquired Sevit, the Italian medical device distributor, for £3.5m, as well as Hi-Tech Hose of the US for £9m and Farnam Custom Products of the US for £3.5m.

Smiths Group has acquired ETI Technology, the US specialist in the detection of harmful biological agents, for £2m.

Smiths Group has acquired US Seals, the US-based manufacturer of mechanical pump seals, for £6m.

Smiths Group is to acquire Farran Technology, the Irish developer of detection systems, for £13m.

Smiths is to acquire Medex, the US manufacturer of medical products, for £478m.

Smiths is to acquire Integrated Aerospace, the US-based supplier of landing gear systems, for £61m.

Smiths Group is looking to spend up to £1.4bn on acquisitions over the next few years to expand its operations in aerospace systems, medical devices and detection equipment.

Smiths Medical has acquired DHD Healthcare, the US respiratory care device company with 118 staff, for £30m.

Smiths is to acquire Trak Communications, the antenna manufacturer with 425 staff in Scotland and the US, from Veritas for £63m.

Smiths Group is to acquire SensIR Technologies, the US manufacturer of infrared-based analysers with 110 staff, for £41m.

Smiths Group is to acquire Dynamic Gunver Technologies, the US manufacturer of aircraft engine components, for £60m.

Smiths Group is looking to spend up to £1.5bn on acquisitions to expand its aerospace, detection and medical divisions.

Smiths Group is to sell its polymers division to Trelleborg of Sweden for £495m, in order to reduce debt and focus on detection, aerospace and medical equipment.

Smiths Group has sold its Vent-Axia fans and Elkay cables operations to a management team backed by HSBC Private Equity for £125m.

Smiths Group has acquired Heimann Systems, the German manufacturer of x-ray detection systems, from Rheinmetall for £235m.

Smiths Group has sold its Fans & Spares distribution business, which includes 18 branches throughout the country, to R&S Cartwright (Manchester) Engineers for £6.5m.

Smiths Group has sold its Colchester-based urology products business and its Sussex-based ostomy products business to Mentor of the US for £7.3m.

Smiths Group has sold its John Crane-Lips marine propulsion division to Wartsila of Finland for £215m, and has also announced the £17m acquisition of a US-based epidural kits business from Abbott Laboratories.

Smiths has sold five small subsidiaries for a total £10m, with Cambridge Vacuum Engineering going to Aquasium, Woodville Airbag Engineering to Safety Components International, and three former EIS businesses to Harris Watson.

Smiths is to acquire Summitek Instruments, the US supplier of interference testing equipment, for £7m.

Smiths Group has acquired Bivona Medical Technologies, the US supplier of silicone tubes for medical use, from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics for £24m.

Smiths has sold four vacuum and pressure operations - including Stokes Vakuum, Hibon, Wilhelm Klein and Hick Hargreaves - to BOC Edwards for £13m.

Smiths Group has sold two non-core businesses for £20m, as part of a strategy to focus on aerospace, medical and industrials.

Smiths Group has sold its Eschmann medical equipment business, which employs 230 people in West Sussex and Singapore, to a group of private investors for £11m.

Smiths Group is to acquire Barringer Technologies, the US manufacturer of equipment to detect drugs and explosives, for £60m.