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SITA UK has unveiled plans to develop two waste processing facilities in Aberdeen by 2016, including a refuse-derived fuel centre.

SITA UK is to create 50 jobs at a new £18m waste processing plant due to open at Malpass Farm in Rugby next year.

SITA UK is planning a multi-million pound investment in new processing facilities to generate fuel from waste at Tilbury Docks in Essex.

SITA UK has acquired Nordic Recycling, the Essex-based waste recycling firm with sites in Tilbury and Chatham.

SITA UK is planning to expand its Energy Recovery Centre in Billingham to produce an additional 35MW of heat and power, with the creation of 30 jobs.

SITA UK is to sell five metal recycling sites in Boreham, Coventry, Lenwade, Norwich and Sheffield to European Metals Recycling for undisclosed terms, with the transfer of 100 staff.

SITA UK is to build a £200m waste-fuelled power plant at Wilton on Teesside, with the creation of 50 jobs, having been selected as preferred bidder for a £1.2bn waste treatment contract from the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority.

SITA UK is planning to expand the Granville Landfill site in Telford, including a new waste transfer station, vehicle depot and 38 jobs.

SITA UK is seeking permission from North Lincolnshire Council for a new recycling transfer station in Scunthorpe, with the creation of 45 jobs.

SITA UK has won permission from Warwickshire County Council to build a 50,000 tonne-a-year anaerobic digestion plant in Packington.

SITA UK has awarded a contract to US-based Bulk Handling Systems to design and build four material recovery plants in Avonmouth, Birmingham, Darwen and London over the next two years.

SITA is expected to win approval from the Mayor of London to build a £40m anaerobic digestion plant fuelled by food waste in Mitcham.

SITA UK has won government approval to build a 32MW energy-from-waste plant called the Severnside Energy Recovery Centre near Avonmouth.

SITA UK has unveiled proposals to build a rail waste transfer station in Knowsley with the creation of 30 jobs, as part of a bid to win a 30-year contract from Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority.

SITA UK has submitted plans to build the country's first plant to transform waste plastic into diesel in Avonmouth.

SITA UK is planning to build a £60m resource recovery park at Stoneyhill near Peterhead.

SITA UK has submitted plans to build a 269,000 tonnes-a-year energy-from-waste plant at Great Blakenham near Ipswich by 2014.

SITA UK is planning to build up to ten new waste processing plants across the country over the next few years, having agreed a deal to use Cynar's plastics-to-fuel technology.

SITA UK is linking up with Monmouth-based Cyclamax to develop six waste gasification and recycling resource parks across the country, including sites in Avonmouth, Chesterfield, Dagenham and Derby.

SITA UK is to submit plans to South Gloucestershire Council later this year to build a waste-to-energy plant at Severnside by 2014, with the creation of about 50 jobs.

SITA UK has bought a £2m commercial waste and recycling business at Genderos in Swansea from Shanks Group, with the transfer of 20 staff.

SITA UK is seeking permission to build a £120m energy-from-waste facility in Stockton by 2012.

SITA is planning to build a £10m kitchen waste composting plant at Tormarton by the end of next year, to handle a contract for South Gloucestershire Council.

SITA UK has unveiled plans to build a second energy-from-waste plant at Haverton Hill near Billingham by 2012, with the creation of 40 jobs.