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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Shire Pharmaceuticals

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to acquire Advanced BioHealing, the US regenerative medicine firm with 400 staff, for £462m.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to acquire Transkaryotic Therapies, the US biotechnology company that produces drugs for genetic disorders, for £839m.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to sell its vaccines division to ID Biomedical of Canada for £66m, and Shire will loan about £60m to ID to fund the development of new products.

Shire Pharmaceuticals has awarded a $18m contract to AMEC to build a global vaccines research centre at its site in Laval, Canada.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to acquire Atlantic Pharmaceutical Services, the US-based pharmaceuticals manufacturer with 100 staff in Maryland, from Niro for £11m.

Shire Pharmaceuticals has raised £280m from an issue of convertible bonds, in order to fund the acquisition of speciality pharmaceutical products and support its expansion into Japan and Europe.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to acquire BioChem Pharma of Canada for £2.7bn, in order to broaden its portfolio of speciality pharmaceutical products.

Shire has opened an operating subsidiary in Spain, as part of a strategy to develop a global pharmaceuticals business.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is acquiring the French, Italian and German subsidiaries of Fuisz Technologies of the US for £24m, as part of a strategy to build up a global drug development business.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is to acquire Roberts Pharmaceutical of the US for £570m, and is now looking at ways to increase sales in continental Europe.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is acquiring Richwood Pharmaceuticals of Kentucky, the maker of treatments for disorders of the central nervous system, for up to £113m.

Shire Pharmaceuticals is acquiring Pharmavene, the US drugs delivery concern, for up to £104m, and will make further acquisitions using funding from a £11.5m planned share offer.