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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Safeway is considering plans to build a new supermarket at Ellon near Aberdeen, with the creation of 90 new jobs and the transfer of staff from its existing site.

Safeway is planning to spend £100m opening three more stores in Northern Ireland, with the creation of 1,000 jobs, and some existing stores will be replaced by larger outlets.

Safeway is planning to double the size of its staff training centre in Burton-on-Trent, with five new areas being opened by spring 2003.

Safeway is looking to open a chain of convenience stores across the country, and the first two sites will start trading in Glasgow and Edinburgh later this year.

Safeway is planning to spend £350m refurbishing about 100 stores this year, and six new outlets will open taking the total to 481.

Safeway is forming a joint venture with property company London & Regional to consider the development potential of its 480 stores, and possible projects include the construction of buildings on stilts in its car parks.

Safeway is outsourcing its returns management to Consignia in order to reduce the costs involved in dealing with faulty goods, and Consignia is now looking to set up similar partnerships with other retailers.

Safeway is looking to recruit 335 extra staff in Rushden, in preparation for the May opening of its expanded superstore in Crown Way.

Safeway is planning to open 12 new in-store dry cleaning outlets over the next four months.

Safeway is to invest £100m in the refurbishment of 22 stores in Scotland over the next 12 months, with the creation of 2,000 jobs.

Safeway is to create 100 new jobs at its supermarket in Belper after completing a £1m refurbishment over the next six months.

Safeway is seeking permission to upgrade and modernise the Westhill Shopping Centre near Aberdeen, with the creation of 100 jobs.

Safeway is planning to open 40 Cafe Fresco restaurants over the next 18 months, and is looking into the possibility of opening stand-alone units.

Safeway is to spend £450m refurbishing more than 100 stores this year, and ten new outlets will open by 2003.

Safeway is looking at ways to expand its rail freight strategy across the country following the success of its scheme in north Scotland, and is also planning to run a fleet of 50 lorries using compressed natural gas in London.

Safeway is to set up three new staff training centres in London, Edinburgh and the Midlands this year in order to retrain staff for its new-look stores.

Safeway is to set up new photo processing labs at 70 of its stores this year.

Safeway is planning to expand its retailing business in Northern Ireland, which will involve building new stores in south Belfast and Bangor and replacing or extending other sites.

Safeway has announced plans to open 25 hypermarkets over the next two years by extending existing outlets, and a further 45 will be opened in following years.

Safeway is to create 80 new jobs at its distribution depot near Cullompton, as part of an expansion of its national depot network that will result in more than 600 new jobs.

Safeway has awarded a £10m contract to Bovis Lend Lease to build a superstore in Woking.

Safeway has won the go-ahead to build a £17m turf-roofed superstore in Aberdeen's West End, with the creation of 300 jobs.

Safeway is planning to expand the range of accessory businesses at its superstores, including services such as photo labs, restaurants and dry cleaners.

Safeway is planning to create 3,500 jobs by opening and extending stores, but up to 100 jobs will be lost by removing a layer of regional management.

Safeway is seeking planning permission to build a superstore in Worcester, which would create up to 280 jobs.

Safeway has submitted plans to Hyndburn Council to build a new store in Great Harwood near Blackburn, creating 180 jobs.

Safeway has announced plans to build a superstore at Alness in the Highlands, which will create 200 jobs.

Safeway is to open a 50,000 sq ft depot for grocery and chilled products in Larne, Northern Ireland, in an alliance with P&O Ferries, creating 100 jobs.

Safeway is planning to spend £40m developing its stores in Northern Ireland, including new stores in Omagh and Downpatrick, with the creation of 250 jobs.

Safeway is to create 2,000 jobs in Northern Ireland in an 18-month expansion programme and is actively looking for sites in the Republic.

Safeway is to create an additional 1,600 customer service jobs at existing stores, as well as a further 6,400 jobs at 34 new stores planned for the next two years.

Safeway is planning to set up 15 superstores and 4 supermarkets a year for the next two years, in a move which will create 3,500 full-time jobs.