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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Rubicon, the owner of the Principles and Warehouse fashion chains, has been acquired by Shoe Studio Group in a £140m deal backed by Baugur.

Rubicon Beverages is to build a factory to make cartons of fruit juice at Tredegar in South Wales.

Rubicon, the computer box maker, is to be acquired by Applied Power of the US for £207m.

Rubicon is selling its lead products and specialist castings divisions to a management team for £62m, and will use the proceeds to invest in electronic manufacturing services and magnets.

Rubicon Group's aluminium alloys operation has been bought by management for £7.4m.

Rubicon is buying Calder Group, maker of magnets, castings, aluminium alloys and lead products, for £94m.