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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


RPS has acquired DBK, the Birmingham-based project management firm with 120 staff and four offices, for up to £13m.

RPS has acquired CgMs Holdings, the planning and development consultancy with 112 staff in London, Cheltenham, Newark, Manchester and Edinburgh, for up to £13m.

RPS has acquired Clear Environmental Consultants, the water industry consultancy with 90 staff in Derby, Sheffield and Glasgow, for up to £8.3m.

RPS has acquired Ichron, the Cheshire-based provider of geological and training services to the oil industry with 46 staff, for £12m.

RPS Group has acquired Knowledge Reservoir Group, the US geosciences consulting firm with 47 staff and an office in London, for up to £13m.

RPS Group has acquired Nautilus, the Berkshire-based geosciences and petroleum engineering training firm, for up to £19m.

RPS Group has acquired Evans-Hamilton, the US oceanographic consulting firm with about 40 staff, for up to £5.5m.

RPS Group is to acquire Boyd Exploration Consultants, the Canadian oil and gas and mining consultancy with 26 staff, for up to £8.5m.

RPS has acquired Aquaterra Consulting, the Australian water and environmental consultancy with 90 staff, for up to £7.8m.

RPS has acquired Conics, the Australian planning and surveying firm with 570 staff, for £31m.

RPS Group has acquired Paras, the London-based oil and gas industry consultancy, for up to £6.4m.

RPS Group has acquired Mountainheath Services, the Letchworth-based environmental services firm, for up to £1.9m.

RPS has acquired Geocet, the US-based environmental consultancy with 29 staff, for up to £1.2m.

RPS has acquired Rudall Blanchard Associates, the supplier of health, safety and environmental services to the oil and gas sector with 54 staff at offices in London, Aberdeen, Australia and the US, for up to £6m.

RPS has acquired Koltasz Smith, the Australian town planning consultancy with 32 staff, for up to £3m.

RPS has acquired OIL, the Aberdeen-based oil and gas exploration and production consultancy, for up to £6.5m.

RPS has acquired WTW & Associates, the Hampshire-based provider of oil and gas exploration technical services, for £1.9m.

RPS has acquired RWG, the building engineering consultancy with 130 staff in Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff, for £10m.

RPS has acquired Kraan, the Dutch urban estate management and environmental consultancy with 65 staff, for £4.8m.

RPS Group has acquired JDC, the US-based environmental consultancy that advises the petroleum refining and renewable energy sectors, for £5.4m.

RPS has acquired Scotia, the US-based oil and gas industry consultancy, for £2.9m.

RPS has acquired MetOcean, the Australian weather forecasting company with 50 consultants, for £14m.

RPS has acquired Geocon, the Axminster-based provider of consultancy services to the oil and gas industry, for up to £6.3m.

RPS Group has acquired SARP, the Australian health and safety consultancy, for up to £1.9m.

RPS is to acquire APA, the Canadian petroleum engineering consultancy with 30 staff, for £2.6m.

RPS is to acquire Thonger Safety Associates, the East Sussex-based environmental services company, for £2.5m, as well as Harper Somers O'Sullivan of Australia for £1.2m.

RPS has acquired Burks Green, the Newark-based architectural firm with about 200 staff, as well as associated companies Basicshare and Martindale Holdings, for up to £21m.

RPS Group has acquired Ecos Consulting, the Australian provider of environmental consultancy services to the energy and minerals industries with 15 staff, for £0.5m.

RPS has acquired ECL Group, the oil industry services company with 125 staff at offices in Henley-on-Thames, London, Aberdeen, Winfrith, North America and Australia, for up to £27m.

RPS has acquired BHC, the Nottinghamshire-based occupational healthcare company with 60 staff, for £3.6m.

RPS has acquired BCC, the Dutch environmental engineering consultancy, for £1.6m.

RPS has acquired Kirk McClure Morton, the Belfast-based environmental consultancy with 140 staff, for £8.4m.

RPS has acquired Cambrian, the provider of oil industry asset evaluation services with 35 staff, for up to £2.9m.

RPS has acquired Flow Control Water Conservation, the Liverpool-based water resource consultancy with 300 staff, and the business will relocate to RPS Water Services in Warrington.

RPS Group is to acquire MRP, the Wolverhampton-based development consultancy, for up to £25m, as well as BBG, the Australian supplier of environmental planning services, for up to £2.9m.

RPS Group has acquired Woods Warren, the Milton Keynes-based provider of infrastructure advice with 49 staff, for up to £2.9m.

RPS has acquired Hydrosearch Associates, the Woking-based provider of geological services to the energy sector with 50 staff, for up to £15m.

RPS Group has acquired Ecoscope Applied Ecologists, the Cambridgeshire-based ecological consultancy with 16 staff, for £2.8m.

RPS Group has acquired MCOS, the Irish engineering and environmental consultancy with 350 staff, for £12m.

RPS Group has acquired Indepth Surveys of Bristol for up to £3m and JR Stansfield & Associates of Warrington for £0.5m, in order to expand its water services and risk management divisions.

RPS Group is looking to spend up to £50m on acquisitions to expand its environmental consultancy business, and is particularly interested in Ireland and the Netherlands.

RPS has acquired ELS, the Dutch asbestos surveying company with 80 staff, for £3.6m.

RPS is to acquire McHugh, the Irish development planning consultancy, for £2.6m, and has also announced the disposal of a 78% stake in its LabDIRECT e-commerce business to Emulous and the purchase of a 36% stake in Emulous.

RPS has acquired Town Planning Consultancy for £7.8m, in order to expand its town planning and transport division.

RPS Group is raising £16m in a share placing, in order to fund acquisitions and the expansion of its business support services across Europe.

RPS Group is acquiring Environmental Engineering Limited of Ireland for £7.3m.