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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Rexam, the drinks can maker with 700 staff at plants in Luton, Milton Keynes and Wakefield, has agreed to be acquired by US-based Ball for £4.4bn.

Rexam is to sell its pharmaceutical devices and prescription retail packaging divisions to Montagu Private Equity for £494m.

Rexam is to sell its personal care operations to Sun Capital Partners and Silgan Holdings for £452m.

Rexam has sold its US-based lid manufacturing business to Berry Plastics for £223m, with the transfer of about 1,500 staff.

Rexam has sold its Petainer PET packaging business to NextWave and WHEB Ventures for £16m.

Rexam is in negotiations to acquire Rostar, the Russian manufacturer of beverage cans, for £149m.

Rexam is to acquire O-I Plastics, the plastic packaging company with 2,800 staff, from Owens Illinois of the US for £813m.

Rexam is to sell its glass packaging business to Ardagh of Ireland for £449m, including 3,600 staff at 13 sites throughout Europe.

Rexam has confirmed the sale of part of its food plastic packaging operations in Gloucestershire, Sweden and Denmark to an undisclosed buyer for £25m.

Rexam is to acquire Truepack, the Indian pharmaceutical packaging company, for £5m.

Rexam is planning to acquire Airspray, the Dutch manufacturer of foam pumps with 140 staff and annual sales of £31m.

Rexam is to acquire Ecanco, the Egyptian beverage can manufacturer, for £61m.

Rexam is to acquire FangXin's beauty packaging business in China for £42m.

Rexam is to acquire Precise Technology, the US plastic packaging manufacturer with 1,700 staff, for £148m.

Rexam is to acquire Delta Plastics, the US manufacturer of plastic injection-moulded jars and closures with 350 staff, for £83m.

Rexam is to sell its Barnsley-based glass packaging business to Ardagh Glass for £50m.

Rexam has acquired the pharmaceutical packaging division of Compagnie Plastic Omnium of France for £23m.

Rexam has acquired Polglass, the Polish glass packaging company, from Hunan NV for £10m.

Rexam is to acquire Glas Moerdijk, the Dutch glass packaging plant, from Heineken for £30m.

Rexam is to acquire Latasa, the Brazilian producer of aluminium beverage cans for £272m, and is now seeking acquisitions in China.

Rexam has acquired Tritello, the Swedish manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, as well as the thermoforming assets and business of Superfos Packaging of Ystad, Sweden.

Rexam is to sell its medical flexible packaging division to Amcor of Australia for £135m, which will involve the transfer of more than 1,000 staff worldwide.

Rexam is to acquire Risdon Pharma Development, the supplier of plastic packaging to the pharmaceutical industry with factories in France and Germany, from Montagu Private Equity for £90m.

Rexam has acquired Luner Glas, the German glass container manufacturer, for £33m, and has raised £86m in a share placing to fund further acquisitions.

Rexam is to acquire Nienburger Glas, the German glass container manufacturer with 1,270 staff, from Interbrew for £68m.

Rexam is looking to spend up to £100m a year on acquisitions to expand its consumer packaging business, and is particularly interested in plastics and the European glass market.

Rexam has completed the sale of two Danish plastic containers businesses - Rexam Holmia and Rexam Closures & Containers - to Polimoon Holding of Denmark for £7.2m.

Rexam is to invest £40m in two new beverage can-making lines at sites in Naro Fominsk, Russia, and La Selva, Spain.

Rexam is to sell its Image Products coated films and papers business to Sun Capital of the US for £42m.

Rexam is to acquire Crown Cork & Seal's beauty pumps business for £75m, funded by a £108m share placing, in order to enhance its US manufacturing capability.

Rexam has acquired the Danish plastic packaging operation of Danapak and certain assets of Tolkki of Finland for about £16m.

Rexam is to sell two beverage can plants in Runcorn and France to Schmalbach-Lubeca of Germany for £52m, in order to win approval for the acquisition of American National Can.

Rexam is selling its MiTek building products business in the US, which manufactures steel connectors for roofing timbers, to Berkshire Hathaway for £275m.

Rexam is planning to sell its coated films and paper subsidiary to FiberMark of the US for £92m.

Rexam is to sell its Release coated films and papers business to Lohja of Finland for £85m, and the proceeds will be used to reduce debt.

Rexam is looking to sell its beverage can plants at Runcorn, Gelsenkirchen in Germany and Marseilles in France, in order to win European approval for the acquisition of American National Can.

Rexam has sold its printing division to John Mansfield for £318m, and John Mansfield has also announced plans to sell the recently-acquired Waddington's food service and pharmaceutical packaging operations.

Rexam is to acquire American National Can, the US drinks cans maker, for £1.3bn, as part of a strategy to build up a global consumer packaging business.

Rexam has sold its Bowater Windows business to a management buy-out led by Legal & General Ventures for £120m, in order to focus on consumer packaging.

Rexam is to sell its flexible packaging operation in New Zealand to Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer for £8.6m.

Rexam has sold its Australian envelopes and stationery operations for £21m.

Rexam is acquiring Sussex Plastics, the US cosmetics packaging company, for £19m, and is now seeking similar purchases.

Rexam is selling its corrugated board business to SCA of Sweden for £195m, and will now look to sell the remaining operations in its industrial packaging division.

Rexam has had its £379m takeover bid for PLM accepted by the Swedish packaging group.

Rexam has bought Plasticos Dumex, the Mexican closures and containers company, for £5m.

Ekco Packaging has acquired the aluminium foil and ovenable board tray business of Rexam for £12m.

Rexam has bought Lawson Mardon's medical products division, which exports packaging, bags and pouches for hospitals, for £5.3m.

Rexam is acquiring Tritek Cardboard Packaging, the Newcastle-based corrugated sheet board converter, for £6.7m.

Rexam is selling its Smith & McLaurin self-adhesive labels business to management for £12.4m.

Rexam has acquired NatWest Print, the cheque book printing operation of National Westminster bank, for £8.5m.

Rexam is acquiring Pajco Products, the US paper coverings business, for £13m and will integrate it with its coated paper business based in Massachusetts.

Rexam has reduced its stake in Graphocolor, the French metallised packaging company, from 50% to 20%, and sold its J Arthur Dixon greetings card business, raising a total £2.1m.

McCorquodale Confidential Print has been sold by Rexam to a management buy-out for £2.1m, which means that Rexam's programme of disposals is now 75% complete.

Rexam has sold William Clowes, the book printer, to management for £4.4m, as part of its continuing programme of disposals.

Rexam has sold five more businesses for £18m, including Rexam Cartons and Flexible Packaging of the US, which was sold to a management team, and Dispenser, which was sold to Lindal Ventil of Germany.

Rexam has sold four more subsidiaries for a total £24.4m - Goodhead Group has bought Benham & Company, Cookson has bought Tactus International, and Silgen Plastics has bought Rexam Containers in North America.

Rexam has sold Otis Specialty Papers to Wausau Paper Mills of the US for £36m, and PT Rexam Mulox, the Indonesian maker of chemical containers, to a management buy-out for £1.3m.

Rexam, the printing and packaging concern, is selling three non-core operations: Opax, the lottery ticket maker, Victor, the colour masterbatch maker, and Rexam Performance Products, the US coated films concern.