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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial has acquired Peter Cox Property Care, the Oldham-based timber treatment firm, for undisclosed terms.

Rentokil Initial is to sell its facilities services business to Interserve for £250m, with the transfer of up to 25,000 staff.

Rentokil Initial has acquired the pest control division of Worcester-based Green Compliance for up to £4m.

Rentokil Initial has sold its City Link parcel delivery operation to private equity firm Better Capital for a nominal sum, and £40m will be invested in improvements to the business.

Rentokil Initial has acquired Modus FM, the London-based technical facilities management firm with 160 staff, from Modus Group for up to £5.3m.

Rentokil Initial is to acquire MSS Facilities Management from Managed Support Services for up to £6.5m, with the transfer of 22 staff in Manchester and London.

Rentokil Initial has acquired the pest control, water treatment and fire safety operations of Santia Group, including 430 staff who previously worked for Connaught Compliance, for £5.6m.

Rentokil Initial is to create hundreds of new driving jobs at its City Link delivery operations across the country.

Rentokil Initial has acquired Knightsbridge Guarding and Perception UK of London for a total £6.9m, in order to expand its facilities services division.

Rentokil Initial is to create 200 new jobs at its City Link parcel delivery division and its pest control operations in London.

Rentokil Initial is to acquire Presto-X, the US pest control company with 300 staff, for an initial £19m.

Rentokil Initial has acquired Lancaster Office Cleaning Company, the London-based cleaning and support services company, for £19m.

Rentokil Initial is to sell its Initial Electronic Security burglar alarms division to United Technologies of the US for £595m.

Rentokil Initial has acquired EnviroFresh, the washroom products supplier, for £9m.

Rentokil Initial has acquired the Campbell Brothers pest control business in Australia for £19m.

Rentokil Initial is to acquire Target Express, the Coventry-based parcel delivery company with 39 branches, for £210m, in order to expand its City Link division.

Rentokil Initial has acquired a further 16 of its City Link franchises through the £25m acquisition of Tiger Haulage, Abbott Enterprises, Hallamgate Enterprises and Greenway Bird Express.

Rentokil Initial is to sell its US-based manned guarding operations to Allied Security Holdings for £40m.

Rentokil Initial has sold its Canadian manned guarding business to Garda World Security Corporation for £30m.

Rentokil Initial is to acquire JC Ehrlich, the US pest control company with 42 outlets in seven states, for £80m.

Rentokil Initial is to sell Initial Style Conferences, the operator of 29 training and conference venues, to Alternative Hotel Group for £325m.

Rentokil Initial, the support services group, is considering plans to relocate its headquarters to a more-suitable site in the East Grinstead area, and there will also be a small head office in central London.

Rentokil has sold its industrial and commercial roofing business, which includes seven offices, to a management buy-out and the business will be renamed Four Seasons Roofing.

Rentokil Initial is seeking acquisitions to expand its pest control and hygiene business across continental Europe.

Rentokil Initial is spending £4.3m on five acquisitions in the UK, France, Germany and South Africa, in order to expand its security and tropical plants business.

Rentokil Initial has acquired CPS Security, the US security guarding company, for £3.3m.

Rentokil Initial has sold Initial Personnel Services, the recruitment business, to a management team backed by Bridgepoint Capital for £23m.

Rentokil Initial has sold its Initial GWS mobile crane business to Ainscough for about £10m, which is expected to lead to the closure of the GWS head office in Stockton.

Rentokil Initial is acquiring Tru-Green Interior Plantcare, the US tropical plants business, for £30m.

Rentokil Initial is selling PTP Aerial Platforms to Loxam of France for £24m.

Rentokil Initial is acquiring Bilger Schwenk, the German textile service company, for £40m, and has also announced six smaller acquisitions in Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong and the US.

Rentokil Initial is selling its international container business to Yardbrace for £75m and its US personnel services business to an equity investor for £43m.

Rentokil is to sell its US plant hire business to Ashtead for £320m, and the proceeds will be used to fund a share buy-back programme.

Rentokil Initial has sold DSI Transports, its US distribution division, to Trimac of Canada for £49m, and further non-core disposals will follow.

Rentokil Initial has acquired eight hygiene and security companies for a total of £37m, including UK companies Crime Halt Security Systems, Wolsey Comcare Alarm Systems and Capstan Security (Wessex).

Rentokil Initial has bought eight businesses for a total £6.5m, including companies involved in pest control, environmental services, electronic security, tropical plants, and textile services.

Rentokil Initial has sold United Transport Tankers of the Netherlands to Den Hartogh for £4m.

Rentokil Initial has acquired two security companies, Trojan Security and Sigma, for £13.2m.