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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


NTL Telewest is to create 90 new jobs at its customer service call centre in Birmingham, as part of a £5.3m investment that will create 300 jobs across the country.

NTL Telewest is planning to open a network of stores next year, in order to improve its customer service reputation and benefit from a relaunch under the Virgin brand.

NTL is creating 200 new jobs at its customer care call centre in Swansea over the next few months.

NTL is creating 50 new jobs at its faults management call centre in Swansea.

NTL has agreed to acquire Virgin Mobile for £962m, in order to create a Virgin-branded group offering cable TV, internet access, fixed line telephony and mobile phone services.

NTL has reached agreement to acquire rival cable TV and telecoms company Telewest for £3.4bn, which could result in thousands of job losses through office rationalisation.

NTL is to sell its Irish cable TV operations to UnitedGlobalCom for £221m, which is expected to help clear the way for a merger with Telewest later this year.

NTL is to sell its Broadcast TV picture transmission division to Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group for £1.27bn.

NTL is planning to expand its customer relations centre in Coventry, with the creation of up to 80 jobs.

NTL is to invest up to £65m in the installation of equipment in about 300 BT telephone exchanges, in order to offer broadband services to households not connected to its cable network.

NTL is to relocate its customer accounts department from Stockton to Nottingham, which could lead to the loss of up to 40 jobs.

NTL is to close its office in Huddersfield town centre in May and relocate the 39 staff to other sites.

NTL is creating a further 70 call centre jobs in Swansea and 30 in Cardiff to cope with rising demand for its broadband internet service.

NTL is to close its cable TV and telecoms call centre in Newport with the loss of up to 134 jobs, although some staff will relocate to its Swansea office.

NTL has won a £25m contract to provide digital radio transmission services to MXR, which will involve the creation of a new distribution network using both the internet and radio frequencies.

NTL is creating 100 new jobs at its customer call centre in Nottingham, due to rising demand for its digital TV services.

NTL is to create 500 new jobs at its call centres in south Wales, following the announcement of plans to launch a new service providing free internet access.

NTL is to set up a customer management centre in Waterford with the creation of 250 jobs, having recently acquired Dublin cable provider Cablelink.

NTL has won a £10m contract to build a new radio communications network for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

NTL is to acquire Workplace Technologies for £81m, in order to improve its networking capability and offer a one-stop communications service to corporate clients.

NTL is buying Cable & Wireless Communications' residential cable assets for £8.2bn, while Cable & Wireless is buying the remaining 47% of CWC in a £6.5bn deal.

NTL is acquiring the field services operations of Simoco, the professional mobile communications company, for £10m, which will involve the transfer of about 150 engineers.

NTL is to create about 900 jobs over the next four years at various sites across Northern Ireland, in order to provide support to customers of its telecoms and TV businesses.

NTL is to acquire Cablelink, the Irish cable TV provider, for £438m.

NTL is acquiring the telecommunications business of Eastern Group for £91m, which will give it a fibre optic network covering the south and east of England as well as 121 mobile phone radio masts in East Anglia.

NTL Telecommunications has acquired CymruNet, the Welsh internet service provider.

NTL has acquired two cable TV operators - ComTel and Diamond Cable - for a total £1.4bn, in a further rationalisation of the sector that has seen the number of companies fall from 24 to five in the past five years.

NTL is to acquire NetChannel UK, the interactive TV business, for about $1m in order to offer home shopping services and internet access to cable TV subscribers.

News International has acquired NTL's compression technology business, which will be called Digi-Media Vision.