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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

NewMedia Spark

NewMedia Spark has acquired Quester's early-stage technology and life science fund management business for an initial £4m.

NewMedia Spark is planning to acquire Sputz, the German broking and venture capital group, for £30m.

NewMedia Spark is to shed some of the 30 jobs at its London office and postpone plans to set up an office in India, in order to reduce costs in its technology investment business by £3m a year.

NewMedia Spark is to acquire GlobalNetFinancial, the online financial services company, for about £9m.

NewMedia Spark has acquired Internet Indirect for £73m, in order to expand its internet incubator fund.

NewMedia Spark, the internet incubator, is to acquire New Media Investors, the corporate finance company, for £10m.

NewMedia Spark has acquired, the rival internet incubator fund, for £30m, and has also announced plans to expand into India.

NewMedia Spark has acquired a £0.7m stake in Purple Voice, in order to help the company with the development of software that transmits voice over computer networks.