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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Morse Holdings

Morse, the IT services firm with offices in London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester, is to be acquired by 2e2 of Newbury for £70m.

Morse is to sell the assets of the UK and Jersey Investment Management Consultancy business to Navigant Consulting for up to £1.7m.

Morse has acquired Xayce, the Manchester-based consultancy services firm with 25 staff, for an initial £3.6m.

Morse is to sell its hardware reselling operations in Germany and Austria to Becom Group for up to £6.5m.

Morse has acquired Diagonal, the software consultancy with offices in Farnham, Basingstoke, Leeds and Warrington, for £50m.

Morse has acquired CSTIM, the London-based management consultancy with 60 staff, for an initial £5.8m.

Morse has acquired Systematics Technology Solutions, the German storage solution and computer supply company with 138 staff, for a nominal sum.

Morse has acquired Grantham Sutch Associates, the London-based computer services group with 20 staff, for £3.1m.

Morse has acquired SSI Computer Group, the Irish computer supply and services company with 30 staff, for £3m.

Morse has acquired a 51% stake in Integracion de Sistemas Abiertos, the Spanish software company, for £1.8m, with an option to acquire the remaining stake.

Morse is to acquire Delphis Holdings, the helpdesk support and IT consultancy, for up to £40m.

Morse is acquiring the remaining 66% of Partner System, the French reseller of computer technology, for an initial £3.5m.