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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Morgan Crucible

Morgan Crucible has acquired Changsha Hairong New Materials, the Chinese graphite supplier, for £6.2m.

Morgan Crucible has acquired Certech and Carpenter Advanced Ceramics, the US technical ceramics manufacturers, for £73m.

Morgan Crucible is to acquire a 49% stake in NP Aerospace, the Coventry-based mouldings company with 200 staff, for £41m.

Morgan Crucible is to acquire the ceramic fibres business of Cookson for £13m, including production sites in Poland and the US.

Morgan Crucible is to sell Magnetics, its magnetic materials business with 4,000 staff, to One Equity Partners for £300m.

Morgan Crucible is to acquire a 70% stake in Hubei Kailong Chemical, the Chinese ceramic fibres company, for £2m.

Morgan Crucible is to sell the auto and consumer business of its electrical carbon division to Energy Conversion Systems of the US for £33m.

Morgan Crucible has sold its Compressor Technology division to Hoerbiger Compression of the US for £6.6m.

Morgan Crucible is to sell six of its US-based Engineered Soft Coatings facilities to a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright for £13m.

Morgan Crucible is to create up to 70 jobs at its Morganite Electrical Carbon plant in Swansea, with work being relocated from a sister facility in Hampshire.

Morgan Crucible is selling Emblem Group, the manufacturer of computing devices for the defence sector, to a management buy-out for undisclosed terms.

Morgan Crucible is selling its Laser Diode subsidiary, which makes equipment for the fibre-optic communications industry, to Tyco International for £16m.

Morgan Crucible is to sell its power industry products business to Tyco International of the US for £44m.

Morgan Crucible is acquiring VAC, the high-performance magnets company, from Siemens of Germany for £114m, as part of a strategy to reinvest the proceeds of the £180m sale of its chemical products business.

Morgan Crucible is selling its Isomor engineering business to Vesuvius Scotland for undisclosed terms, which will result in the loss of 48 jobs at its Morganite Thermal Ceramics plant in Norton.

Morgan Crucible is to sell its chemical products business to Illinois Tool Works of the US for £174m.

Morgan Crucible is acquiring four bolt-on acquisitions for £32m, including a German manufacturer of engineered ceramics, a Texas-based supplier of piston rings, an Italian ceramics distributor, and a 51% stake in a refractories company in Argentina.

Morgan Crucible has acquired four companies for a total £10m - MH Detrick, the high temperature insulating products company, ETS Schaefer, Reineke's fine graphite operation, and Ringsdorff Carbon's electrical carbon business.

Morgan Crucible, the industrial carbons and ceramics company, is making four acquisitions for a total £12.4m - AGS of the US, Cupex of France, DR Energy of the UK, and Ash Fibre of the UK - and is also setting up a thermal ceramics joint venture in Japan with Nippon Steel Chemical.

Morgan Crucible has acquired EM Corporation, the lubricants supplier, from Great Lakes Chemical Corp for £16m.

Morgan Crucible has bought a 80% stake in Magna Industrial Company, the Hong Kong-based speciality chemicals concern.