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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Mercury Recycling

Mercury Recycling, the Manchester-based recycler of street lamps, has been acquired by a new company called Environmental Safeguard for £1.5m.

Mercury Recycling, the Manchester-based battery recycling firm, is to undergo a £14m reverse takeover with Sylvania Group, in order to acquire iron ore mining rights in South Africa.

Mercury Recycling has acquired Envirolite, Envirolite Midlands and Bakersfield Environmental Services for a total £1.1m, in order to expand its lamp recycling services in the South, Midlands and Scotland.

Mercury Recycling is to invest £1m in the trebling of its capacity to recycle fluorescent light tubes.

Mercury Recycling is to acquire Simister Engineering Services, the recycler of fluorescent tubes and street lighting, for £0.9m.