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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Intertek is to create a further ten jobs at its new 8,000 sq ft pharmaceuticals storage facility at Royston in Hertfordshire over the next year.

Intertek Group has acquired Melbourn Scientific, the Cambridge-based pharmaceutical testing firm with 80 staff.

Intertek has acquired Tickford Test Technology, the Milton Keynes-based vehicle engine testing company with 57 staff, for £5.5m.

Intertek has acquired Materials Testing & Inspection Services and its operating subsidiary NDT Services for £17m, including 130 staff in Derby, Bristol and Birmingham.

Intertek Group has acquired Labs & Testing, the Chile-based non-destructive testing firm with 80 staff, for £1.3m.

Intertek has acquired Food Analytical Laboratory, the Stoke-based laboratory with 73 staff, for £6m, as well as Farnborough-based fuel analysis firm OALTB for £0.5m and Recherche Developpement & Consulting of Belgium for £5m.

Intertek is to relocate its Aberdeen-based exploration and production support services operation to a 40,000 sq ft unit at the Excel Centre in Bridge of Don.

Intertek is to acquire Moody International, the Haywards Heath-based quality and safety services firm with 2,500 staff in 60 countries, for £450m.

Intertek has acquired American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories, the US provider of laboratory food testing services with 28 staff, for £4.5m.

Intertek has acquired Metoc, the environmental consultancy with 80 staff in Hampshire, Cardiff and Dundee, for £8m, as well as Profitech, the analytical laboratory technology firm, for £0.4m.

Intertek is to acquire Expertises Technologies & Services Analyses, the French oil inspection company with 120 staff, from Air Liquide for £6.3m.

Intertek has acquired Norca Ingenieria de Calidad, the Spanish provider of infrastructure risk assessment services with 70 staff, for £3.7m.

Intertek has acquired Ciba Expert Services, the Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical safety testing firm with 200 staff and an office in Macclesfield, from BASF for undisclosed terms.

Intertek is to build a new European Analytical Testing Centre of Excellence at its laboratory in Manchester, with the relocation of a number of staff from Bebington.

Intertek has acquired Aptech, the US engineering consultancy with 90 staff, for £3.5m, as well as WISco Enterprises, the US provider of inspection services with 120 staff, for £18m.

Intertek has acquired the assets of RQA, the US food facility audit business, for £3.3m, as well as Porst & Partners, the German analytical laboratory with 35 staff, for £2.4m.

Intertek has acquired EKO-LAB, the Polish food testing laboratory with 40 staff, for £3.3m.

Intertek has acquired HP White, the US protective equipment testing firm with 40 staff, for an initial £20m.

Intertek has acquired Applica, the German food testing laboratory with 43 staff, for up to £3.6m.

Intertek has acquired 4-Front Research, the Cheshire-based provider of testing services for consumer healthcare products with 110 staff, for an initial £6m.

Intertek has acquired Hi-Cad Technical Services, the Dingwall-based provider of 3D data capture and measurement services with 60 staff, for an initial £12m.

Intertek has acquired CML Biotech, the Aberdeen-based oil and gas microbiology testing laboratory with 54 staff, for an initial £8m.

Intertek has acquired Bioclin, the Irish pharmaceutical testing laboratory with 20 staff, for an initial £2.4m.

Intertek has acquired Epsilon Technical Services, the Chester-based safety testing and advisory services firm with 24 staff, for an initial £1.8m.

Intertek has acquired Electrical Mechanical Instrument Services, the provider of calibration services to the oil and gas industry, for £0.9m.

Intertek has acquired Plastics Technologies Laboratories, the US plastics testing laboratory with 20 staff, for £2.6m.

Intertek has acquired Ageus Solutions, the Canadian environmental compliance consultancy with 28 staff, for an initial £0.9m.

Intertek has acquired Biodata, the German food, environmental and agricultural laboratory with 32 staff, for £2.5m.

Intertek has acquired National Software Testing Labs of the US for £12m and Northern Territory Environmental Laboratories of Australia for £1m.

Intertek has acquired Carnot Emission Services, the US provider of compliance testing services to engine manufacturers, for £3.9m.

Intertek has acquired VIP Cargo Surveys, the US petroleum inspection and testing company, for £1m, as well as Geotechnical Services, the Australian petroleum laboratory services company, for £2.6m.

Intertek has acquired Quantitative Technologies, the US pharmaceuticals testing company, for £10m.

Intertek has acquired ASTA BEAB, the electrical product certification company with offices in Guildford and Rugby, for £4.4m, as well as Union Lab, the Singapore-based petroleum testing and inspection company, for £1.6m.

Intertek has acquired Genalysis, the Australian metals and minerals testing company, for £23m.

Intertek has acquired Natlabs Oy, the Finnish electrical safety testing company, for £0.7m.

Intertek has acquired Umitek, which is based in Manchester and Aberdeen, for £10m and CB Iberica of Spain for £5.7m, in order to expand its oil and gas testing and consultancy business.

Intertek has acquired Alta Analytical Laboratory Corporation, the US pharmaceutical testing company, for £13m.

Intertek is to acquire AKZO Nobel's electro magnetic compatibility business in Japan for £9m.

Intertek has acquired KPMG Quality Registrars in India and the Middle East for £4.5m, in order to expand its systems certification business.

Intertek has acquired Lintec Testing Services for £3m and Lubricant Quality Scan for £0.4m, in order to expand its marine fuel and lubricant testing business.

Intertek is to acquire Automotive Research Laboratory, the US-based automotive fuels testing company with 144 staff, from PerkinElmer for £20m.

Intertek has acquired Entela, the US automotive components testing company, for £15m.

Intertek has acquired Amtac Certification Services, the Manchester-based provider of quality and management systems audits and certification services to medical device manufacturers, for £1.4m.

Intertek has acquired Fastech International, the Manchester-based textile testing company, for £5.1m.

Intertek is looking to spend up to £60m on acquisitions to expand its testing services business.

Intertek Testing Services is expected to create dozens of new jobs in Leicester, following the recent expansion of its toy-testing laboratory.