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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


ICI has acquired Advanced Applied Adhesives of the US, in order to expand its Electronic Materials division.

ICI, the speciality chemicals manufacturer, is to accept a £8bn takeover offer from Akzo Nobel of the Netherlands.

ICI is to acquire the Dulux paints business in South Africa from AECI for £52m, including subsidiaries in Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Malawi and Namibia.

ICI is to acquire Dongsung Chemical, the South Korean adhesives manufacturer, for £15m.

ICI is to sell Quest, the Dutch flavours and fragrances business with 3,400 staff at sites including Ashford and Bromborough, to Givaudan of Switzerland for £1.2bn.

ICI is to sell Uniqema, the oleochemicals and surfactants manufacturer with sites in Bromborough, Wilton, continental Europe, Asia and the US, to Croda International for £410m.

ICI is to sell Cimsec, the manufacturer of tile adhesives and grouts with annual sales of £14m, to Henkel of Germany for undisclosed terms.

ICI has acquired the fragrance business of US-based Shaw Mudge for undisclosed terms.

ICI is to acquire the German emulsion powders business of Celanese for £15m, in order to expand its Elotex polymeric additives business.

ICI is to sell its National Starch & Chemical polymer operations in North America and Europe to Celanese of the US for £112m.

ICI is to sell the food ingredients business of Quest International, which is based in the Netherlands and employs 900 staff, to Kerry Foods of Ireland for £238m.

ICI has sold its waste management business to the Impetus arm of Thornaby-based Scott Bros Group, and more than £1m will be invested in new equipment at the Teesport site.

ICI is to sell Nobel Enterprises, the Ayrshire-based manufacturer of industrial coatings with 280 staff, to Inabata of Japan for an estimated £35m.

ICI is to sell its Security Systems operations to US private equity firm Lincolnshire Management, which will involve the transfer of 135 staff.

ICI is planning to sell Cheshire-based Eutech Engineering Solutions, which employs 550 people, to Swiss technology firm ABB.

ICI has raised £52m from the sale of its UK-based methanol business to Methanex of Canada and the sale of its share in the Phillips-Imperial Petroleum joint venture to Petroplus.

ICI has sold three commodity chemicals businesses - Klea, Chlor-Chemicals and Crosfield - to Ineos of Belgium for £325m, which completes its transformation into a speciality chemicals group.

ICI Chemicals & Polymers has won government approval to build a £110m combined heat and power plant at Runcorn, Cheshire.

ICI is to relocate its London headquarters from Millbank to Manchester Square next year.

ICI is selling its acrylics business to Ineos and Charterhouse Development Capital for £505m, which will involve the transfer of 15 manufacturing sites and 2,000 employees.

ICI is selling its fluoropolymers business to Asahi Glass of Japan for £83m, which will involve the transfer of 400 employees at plants in Lancashire and the US.

ICI and J&J Dyson have announced an asset swap in which ICI is paying £8.2m for Dyson's Dycat catalyst business, and Dyson is paying £3.3m for ICI's Saffil alumina fibre operation.

ICI is to sell its polyurethane, tioxide and parts of its petrochemicals business to Huntsman of the US for £1.7bn, but will retain a 30% in a new company called Huntsman ICI that will hold the assets for up to four years.

ICI is selling its Chance & Hunt chemical distribution business to a management team for about £10m, and has also announced a deal to sell a German speciality chemicals business to PPG Industries.

ICI's Quest International subsidiary is selling its Natural Colours operation in Ireland to Christian Hansen of Denmark for £33m.

ICI is selling its Teesside utilities business, which provides support services to companies operating at Wilton, to Enron of the US for £300m.

ICI is planning to sell its US tioxide operations to NL Industries for £150m, while ICI's former tioxide plant at Grimsby is being sold by DuPont to NL.

Abbot Group is acquiring the non-destructive testing and technical welding department of ICI Chemicals and Polymers for £2.8m.

ICI has acquired Mona Industries, the US-based surfactants business, for about £25m.

ICI is planning to sell Crosfield Group, the maker of catalysts for detergents and silicas, to WR Grace of the US for £272m.

ICI has acquired Acheson Industries, the US speciality chemicals company that makes coatings for TVs and lubricants, for £333m, and will merge it with its National Starch & Chemical division.

ICI has completed the sale of its polymer and intermediates business in the UK and the US as well as its 70% stake in a PTA joint venture in Taiwan to DuPont for £1.4bn, as part of its strategy to exit the bulk chemicals market.

ICI has sold its International Explosives operations in Canada, Latin America and Europe, as well as its distribution businesses in the US, to Orica for £230m, which completes its exit from explosives.

ICI is to sell its methylamines business to Air Products of the US for £67m.

ICI is selling its UK fertiliser business, which includes 580 people at Billingham, to Terra Industries of the US for an initial £200m.

ICI has sold ICI Forest Products, the Canadian maker of chemical products for the pulp and paper industry, to Pioneer Companies of the US for £150m, as part of its strategy to dispose of its low-margin bulk chemicals operations.

ICI has sold its titanium dioxide and polyester operations to DuPont of the US for £1.68bn in order to help fund its acquisition of Unilever's speciality chemicals business.

Zeneca is to acquire ICI Australia's pharmaceuticals business, for a price yet to be decided.

ICI is acquiring Unilever's speciality chemicals division, which includes National Starch, Quest, Unichema and Crosfield, for £4.9bn, and is also discussing the sale of £3bn of its own industrial chemicals businesses including polyester, fertilisers, chlorine, explosives and pigments.

ICI is acquiring the Syngas catalyst business from BASF for about £15m.

Enron Europe has bought ICI's 50% share in their joint venture, Teesside Gas Transportation, for an undisclosed sum.

ICI is buying Bunge, the South American paints concern, for $390m, its first major acquisition in South America.

ICI Explosives is acquiring a 51% stake in Ibernobel of Spain.

ICI is planning a £70m expansion of its Wilton, Teesside, plastic polyurethane materials facility, creating 60 jobs.

ICI has bought Pacific Products, the paint maker from the Philippines for $4m.