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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


HSBC is reported to be considering plans to relocate its digital headquarters in Sheffield from Griffin House to the Sheffield Retail Quarter by 2019, securing more than 2,700 jobs.

HSBC Bank is to sell its UK probate services business to Simplify Channel, with the transfer of up to 73 staff.

HSBC is to relocate its retail business bank headquarters and 1,000 jobs from London to a 210,000 sq ft office at Arena Central in Birmingham by 2019.

HSBC is considering plans to relocate its Southampton-based call centre and up to 1,000 staff to a new site in the Whiteley area.

HSBC is to relocate its Leeds-based mortgage division and about 700 staff to a new 54,000 sq ft office at White Rose Park.

HSBC is to create 100 new jobs at its banking security operations in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and a further 85 at its Hamilton-based call centre.

HSBC is to expand its global workforce with the recruitment of 3,000 compliance officers.

HSBC is to invest £3.5m in Aberdeen, including a new main bank branch on Union Street and the creation of 26 jobs.

HSBC has sold its HSBC Insurance UK division to Syndicate Holding Corp for £65m, in order to withdraw from car insurance underwriting.

HSBC is to invest £9m in the expansion of its chain of six bank branches in Scotland, with the creation of 100 jobs in locations such as Stirling, Dundee and Aberdeen.

HSBC is looking to expand its banking operations in Scotland this year, with the creation of up to 100 jobs at undisclosed locations.

HSBC is to sell its US car loans business to Santander of Spain for £2.6bn.

HSBC is to open five new bank branches in Northern Ireland over the next three years, with the creation of up to 50 jobs.

HSBC is planning to expand the 950-strong workforce at its call centre in Swansea with almost 100 new jobs this year.

HSBC is to create 70 new jobs at its banking call centre in Edinburgh.

HSBC is to invest £5m in the refurbishment of its customer services call centre at Edinburgh Park, where it has 500 staff.

HSBC is to recruit 100 additional customer services staff at its M&S Money financial services centre in Chester by the end of the year.

HSBC is to create 200 jobs at its Investment Service and Wealth Management Centre in Southampton over the next 12 months, in order to transfer work from Leamington Spa.

HSBC has submitted plans to build a £300m 325,000 sq ft data centre at the Vangarde business park in York, with the creation of about 100 jobs.

HSBC is to set up an 18,750 sq ft banking services office at 141 Bothwell Street in Glasgow early next year.

HSBC is considering a site at Monks Cross in York for the development of a new credit card data processing centre, which could create up to 200 jobs.

HSBC is creating 20 jobs at a new bank branch on Royal Avenue in Belfast, and is now planning further expansion for its chain of six branches in Northern Ireland over the next three years.

HSBC is to expand its customer services call centre in Newport, South Wales, with the creation of 250 jobs.

HSBC is to relocate its Liverpool-based retail and commercial departments from a 17,000 sq ft office on Dale Street to two new locations in Lord Street and the city centre.

HSBC is to set up a 14,000 sq ft office at Team Valley in Gateshead, employing 90 staff in its commercial, corporate and private wealth divisions.

HSBC has sold its Marbles and Beneficial credit card operations to SAV Credit for £385m.

HSBC is planning to open at least six bank branches in Scotland over the next 18 months, and 30 new jobs will be created when it opens a new main Edinburgh branch on Princes Street in early 2007.

HSBC is planning to set up five "megastore" bank branches, with the first 35,000 sq ft site opening on London's Brompton Road, as part of a £400m investment in new outlets.

HSBC is to invest £400m in the expansion of its network of 1,528 bank branches this year, including 50 new sites and 200 refurbishments.

HSBC is to expand its fund management operations in Edinburgh, with the creation of 247 jobs.

HSBC has acquired Metris, the US credit card company, for £898m.

HSBC is planning to reorganise its investment research business with the creation of about 50 jobs for analysts in London, New York and Hong Kong over the next six months.

HSBC is planning to open 150 branches and recruit 1,000 commercial bankers in France this year, as part of a rebranding of the business.

HSBC is planning to recruit 130 business bankers next year, as part of a £1.4bn five-year investment that has seen the creation of 214 commercial centres in its branches.

HSBC has acquired Marks & Spencer Retail Financial Services for £762m, but M&S will retain 50% of the earnings from the store cards.

HSBC is considering plans to refurbish about 400 bank branches, in order to improve service and streamline its product range.

HSBC is said to be planning to recruit 300 equity analysts over the next three years, as part of a strategy to expand its brokerage operations.

HSBC has acquired Bank of Bermuda for £770m, as part of a strategy to expand its private banking and fund administration operations.

HSBC Private Equity has undergone a £25m management buy-out from HSBC, and the business will be renamed Montagu Private Equity.

HSBC is planning to move out of five locations in the West End of London next year, in order to relocate to new offices in St James's Street.

HSBC is to acquire Household International, the US consumer finance company, for £8.6bn.

HSBC is to set up a £14m call centre at the De Montfort Business Park in Leicester, and 625 staff will be relocated from the bank's existing sites on Charles Street and Wellington Street.

HSBC is to expand its call centre operations in Leicester with the creation of 250 jobs, and will move its commercial contact operations to the city over the next 18 months.

HSBC is linking up with Merrill Lynch to develop a $1bn London-based online financial institution, in order to provide a range of services to non-US investors.

HSBC Select is to transfer 260 jobs from two sites in Newcastle-under-Lyme to a new Auto Direct call centre in Stoke-on-Trent, and a further 100 new jobs will be created.

HSBC is to acquire Credit Commercial de France for £6.6bn, in order to create a platform to expand its banking business into continental Europe.

HSBC is to invest £1.2bn on the development of internet banking services this year, but is not planning to close branches or reduce staff numbers.

HSBC is to recruit a further 120 staff for its banking call centre in Swansea, in order to set up a 24-hour service.

HSBC's Auto Direct division is planning to relocate its motor insurance operation to a new £1m call centre at the Trentham Lakes employment park in Stoke, creating almost 200 jobs.

HSBC is to acquire Republic National Bank New York for $7.6bn, and is offering a further $2.6bn for the remaining 51% stake in Safra Republic Holdings, which includes a number of private banks in Europe.

HSBC Gibbs Holdings has sold its Premium Credit operation to a management buy-out called Vendcrown, for £40m plus equity.

HSBC's Marine Midland subsidiary in New York is acquiring First Federal Savings & Loan for £397m.