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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


GWR and Caledonia Investments are to sell Radio Investments, the owner of 22 local radio stations, to The Local Radio Company for about £40m.

GWR is to acquire the remaining 50% of London News Radio and will then sell the whole business on to Chrysalis for £23m.

GWR is to set up a £6m internet business called Ecast Ventures, which will include a network of local web sites and a radio entertainment portal.

GWR has bought the Plymouth Sound radio station from The Local Radio Company for £5.3m.

GWR and Radio Investments are to jointly acquire Stray FM, the Harrogate-based radio station, for about £3m.

GWR is acquiring Orchard Media, the owner of four radio stations in the West Country, for £26m.

GWR Group is acquiring the remaining 83% of Classic FM, the national classical radio station, for £71m.

GWR of Swindon is buying Prospect, the New Zealand radio business with 12 stations, for £11.6m.

GWR, the Bristol-based radio concern, is selling Galaxy Radio to Chrysalis Group for £4.1m.