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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


GKN is to expand the 700-strong workforce at its car parts factory in Telford with 50 temporary jobs.

GKN has bought Williams Hybrid Power, the manufacturer of flywheel-based energy storage systems, from Oxfordshire-based Williams Grand Prix Engineering for £8m.

GKN has sold its aerospace engineering services business in the UK and Australia to QuEST Global Services, including gross assets of £8.1m.

GKN has acquired Getrag, the German vehicle components manufacturer, for £280m.

GKN has acquired Stromag, the German manufacturer of industrial clutches and brakes, for £174m.

GKN is to acquire the Airbus aircraft wing components factory at Filton near Bristol for £136m, and the government is providing £60m in repayable aid.

GKN is to acquire Teleflex Aerospace Manufacturing, the manufacturer of engine components for the aerospace industry with 600 staff in Burnley, the US, Mexico and France, for undisclosed terms.

GKN has acquired Liuzhou Steel Rim Factory, the Chinese manufacturer of off-highway wheels with 550 staff, for £4m.

GKN has acquired Stellex Aerostructures of the US for an estimated £90m, as well as US-based Rockford Powertrain for £26m.

GKN has acquired QDS Henschen, the US manufacturer of wheel hubs with 110 staff, from the Lakin Manufacturing Corporation for £6m.

GKN has acquired the remaining 51% of Velcon, the Mexican manufacturer of automotive parts with 640 staff, from joint venture partner Desc for £44m.

GKN is to sell its 50% stake in Aerosystems International, the avionics and software company with 400 staff, to joint venture partner BAe Systems for £14m.

GKN is to sell its German tube connecting systems business to Eaton Corporation of the US for £26m.

GKN is to sell its 50% stake in the AgustaWestland helicopter business to Finmeccanica of Italy for £1.06bn, and the proceeds will be used to expand its automotive and aerospace component operations.

GKN is soon to decide whether to build a new £10m aerospace materials research centre in the UK or the US, and the Isle of Wight is thought to be a likely location.

GKN has acquired Pilkington Aerospace, the manufacturer of military aircraft canopies, for £42m.

GKN has acquired the Wolverhampton-based automotive chassis business of UPF-Thompson out of receivership.

GKN is to acquire Astech, the US manufacturer of titanium components for aircraft, for £22m.

GKN has announced plans for the £7bn merger of its industrial services division with Brambles of Australia, and is now seeking acquisitions for its automotive and aerospace engineering operations.

GKN is to buy a military aircraft fuselage and wing parts factory in St Louis, Missouri, from Boeing for £44m, and has also announced plans to create a new Aerospace Services subsidiary and cut the number of plants from 11 to seven.

GKN has acquired Nissan Motor's driveline factory in Japan for £56m, giving it a 15% share of the Japanese market.

GKN has sold its 48% stake in Normalair-Garrett, the Somerset-based aircraft components business, to Honeywell for £73m.

GKN's Sinter Metals division has bought Borg-Warner Automotive's powdered metals business in the US.

GKN and Finmeccanica of Italy have agreed to merge their helicopter operations, Westland and Agusta, into a joint venture that will have about 20% of the world market.

GKN has acquired Interlake, the US manufacturer of powdered metals and aerospace components, for £335m.

GKN is acquiring Dow-UT Composite Products, the US manufacturer of aircraft components, for £37m, and will merge the business with its GKN Westland Aerospace division.

GKN and Alvis are to merge their tanks businesses with GKN swapping its interests for a 29.9% stake in Alvis, and the deal is expected to lead to the closure of Alvis's plant in Coventry.

GKN is set to acquire a US manufacturer of powder metal forged connecting rods from Borg-Warner Automotive, in a deal thought to be worth around $40m.

Cleanaway, the joint venture between GKN and Brambles Industries, is acquiring SKP Group, the German recycling and waste management business, for undisclosed terms.

GKN is to acquire a 95% stake in Armstong Wheel & Rim Manufacturing, the US maker of parts for off-road vehicles, for £31m, and will buy the remaining 5% within 12 months.

GKN Westland Aerospace is acquiring Aerospace Composite Technologies of Luton for £21m.

GKN is acquiring Sinter Metals, the US powder metallurgy company, for £352m, thus giving it 14% of the world market for lightweight components made from the precision pressing of metal and carbide powders.

GKN Westland Aerospace is acquiring the assets of BP Chemicals advanced materials business for £9m.

GKN has sold its US distributor of car parts, Parts Inc of Memphis, to APS Holding for $80m.

GKN has sold its axles operation to Dana Corp for £58m, and is buying stakes in three South American automotive groups from Dana.