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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Ethel Austin

Ethel Austin's administrators are to sell up to 32 discount stores to a new company called Ricli, saving about 200 jobs.

Ethel Austin is to rebrand its 90 fashion stores under the new Life & Style name, and 20 new shops will open.

Ethel Austin is to sell 90 of its 276 fashion stores out of administration to its former owner, securing the future of almost 1,200 jobs.

Ethel Austin is planning to open a further 100 fashion stores across the country in 2010.

Ethel Austin has been bought out of administration by Elaine McPherson, saving 200 jobs at the Merseyside-based chain of discount fashion stores.

Ethel Austin has secured a £5m cash injection that will be used to fund a marketing campaign, refurbish its 307 value clothing stores and open three new outlets next year.

Ethel Austin is investing £5.6m in the refurbishment of its chain of 310 discount stores, and has already completed 40 sites.

Ethel Austin has been acquired by ABN Amro for £122m, and plans to expand its chain of 271 discount clothing stores to 470 over the next five years.

Ethel Austin is to open 40 discount clothing stores a year until 2009, and is currently in exclusive takeover talks with ABN Amro Capital.

Ethel Austin is to open discount clothing outlets at 20 Co-op stores across the country next year, and a further 20 stand-alone stores will open before the end of this year.

Ethel Austin is planning to open eight value clothing stores over the next six months, taking its chain to 250.

Ethel Austin is planning to open a further 100 discount clothing stores following its recent acquisition by Lloyds TSB Development Capital, and the business is expected to be sold to a trade buyer or floated in three years time.

Ethel Austin, the discount clothing retailer with 238 outlets, is to undergo a £45m management buy-out backed by Lloyds TSB Development Capital.

Ethel Austin is planning to open a further 20 discount clothing stores in major cities throughout the country, to add to the existing 240.