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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


CSR, the Cambridge-based wireless technology firm, is to be acquired by US-based Qualcomm for £1.6bn.

CSR is to consolidate its Cambridge-based technology operations at an expanded 100,000 sq ft headquarters at the Cambridge Business Park.

CSR is to acquire Zoran, the US video and imaging technology firm, for £419m.

CSR is to acquire Sirf, the US manufacturer of microchips for GPS systems, for £91m.

CSR is to acquire Cambridge Positioning Systems of Cambridge for £18m and NordNav of Sweden for an initial £20m, in order to expand in the market for mobile phone global positioning systems.

CSR has acquired the software division of UbiNetics for £27m, in order to move into the wi-fi market.