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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Carlton Communications

Carlton Communications is to dispose of its 25,000 sq ft Knightsbridge headquarters in London, and staff may be relocated to its office in St Martins Lane.

Carlton Communications is to set up a production company on the east coast of the US, in order to expand its output of TV documentaries.

Carlton Communications has formed a joint venture with Thomson Multimedia to acquire the cinema advertising operations of UGC of France and RTBF of Belgium for £62m.

Carlton Communications is forming a partnership with the Public Broadcasting Service and Corporation for Public Broadcasting to invest £14m in the production of TV programmes for the US market.

Carlton Communications has sold its Technicolor video and film processing business to Thomson Multimedia of France, in a £1.4bn deal that will also give Carlton a 5.5% stake in Thomson.

Carlton Communications is to acquire HTV, the Welsh ITV franchise, from Granada Media, in exchange for £181m and Carlton's 20% stake in the Meridian licence.

Carlton Communications is planning to acquire Andre Deutsch, the publisher of sports and TV books, from VCI for less than £5m.

Carlton Communications has sold its Quantel image processing equipment business to management for £51m.

Carlton Communications has acquired Screenvision for £63m, in order to move into the US cinema advertising market.

Carlton Communications is looking to sell its Technicolor film processing business, in order to raise £1.5bn to invest in its TV and online operations.

Carlton Communications is to expand its Technicolor division through the £31m acquisition of Consolidated Film Industries, the US processor of large film formats for the movie industry.

Carlton Communications has sold its Solid State Logic audio mixing console business to management for £43m, and may now sell off its Technicolor video duplication and Quantel digital pixellation operations.

Carlton Communications is buying two North American video duplicating companies for £12m - VTR Video of Canada and Grupo Video Visa of Mexico.

Carlton Communications has acquired Planet 24, the TV production company, for £15m.

Carlton Communications is planning to acquire Nimbus CD International, the US disk maker, for £160m, in order to give its Technicolor division access to the new digital versatile disks that are expected to replace CD-Roms and video cassettes.

Carlton Communications has acquired a 50% stake in Central de Video, the Mexican video cassette maker, for £9m.

Carlton Communications has acquired National Screen Service, the distributor of promotional material on films to UK cinemas, from its management for £2.2m.

Carlton Communications is to invest £20m in the creation of a new company called Carlton Online, which will develop a number of new internet businesses and create 30 jobs.

Carlton Communications has acquired Rank Film Distributors from the Rank Group for £65m.

Carlton Communications has acquired Action Time, the independent television production company, for up to £4.3m.

Carlton Communications has acquired Westcountry Television for £85m, having outbid United News & Media.

Carlton Communications has bought Cinema Media, which controls about 80% of UK cinema advertising, for £58m.

Carlton Communications has bought SelecTV, the cable channel, for £5.2m, but will put its holding into a "dead-locked" company to avoid breaching broadcasting rules.

Carlton Communications has sold Abekas Video Systems for $52m to Scitex Corp of Israel.