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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


Caradon is to acquire the fire and intrusion detection business of Chloride Group for £11m.

Caradon is planning to sell its plumbing business to HSBC Private Equity for about £440m, and will change its name to Novar to reflect its focus on intelligent building systems, aluminium extrusions and printing.

Caradon has acquired Eltek Fire & Safety of Norway for £22m, in order to expand its security and building controls business.

Caradon is planning to acquire Columbia, the US aluminium extruder company, for £75m, and has also announced plans to put its bathroom equipment and boilers division up for sale.

Caradon is acquiring Brand-Rex, the UK supplier of cable systems, for £145m, and Eff-Eff Alarm, the German supplier of building alarms, for £114m.

Caradon is to sell its 94% stake in Weru, the German doors and windows business, to management for £78m, in order to focus on plumbing, aluminium extrusions, electrical products and cheque printing.

Caradon is set to acquire Easco, the US aluminium extrusions company, for about £100m.

Caradon is to sell its three remaining North American doors and windows operations to Nortek for £41m.

Caradon is to acquire an 85% stake in Termo Teknik, the Turkish radiator company, for £30m, and is selling its UK windows and doors business to Bardox Group for £40m.

Caradon has sold Terrain, a plastic pipes subsidiary, to Geberit of Switzerland for £27m, and a number of other disposals are expected soon.

Caradon is selling four Portuguese aluminium building product companies to Norsk Hydro for £25m.