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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Capita Group

Capita has acquired the online payment businesses of Hertfordshire-based PayPoint, including and Metacharge, for £14m.

Capita is to acquire the UK businesses and subsidiaries of Work Group, the London-based recruitment and engagement consulting firm, for £2m.

Capita has acquired Electranet, the Hampshire-based IT networks firm, for £37m.

Capita is to sell National Dental Plan, the London-based provider of workplace dental insurance, to Unum Group for £32m.

Capita has acquired Barrachd, the Edinburgh-based business analytics firm with 38 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita has acquired GL Hearn, the London-based property consultancy with 250 staff, for £25m.

Capita has acquired Vertex Mortgage Services of Cheltenham for £35m, with the transfer of 340 staff.

Capita has acquired Isys Group, the Swindon-based developer of workforce management software with 48 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita is forming a partnership with the government to operate the Food & Environment Research Agency, with the creation of 50 new jobs in York.

Capita has acquired BCS Design, the engineering services firm with 40 staff in Leeds and London, for undisclosed terms.

Capita is to set up a 42,000 sq ft business outsourcing office for 450 staff at Lingfield Point in Darlington later this year.

Capita Group is planning to set up a 28,000 sq ft office at Reading Bridge House in Reading.

Capita is to acquire Constructionline, the Basingstoke-based procurement service, from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills for £35m.

Capita has acquired Complete Imaging, the Birmingham-based print services firm with 80 staff.

Capita has acquired the Western Mortgage Services business from Co-operative Group, with the transfer of 660 staff in Leek and Plymouth.

Capita is to invest £11m in the expansion of its Glasgow-based customer management and IT services divisions, with the creation of 200 jobs.

Capita has acquired Eclipse Legal Systems, the Bradford-based legal software supplier with 150 staff.

Capita has acquired Projen, the Cheshire-based project management firm with 100 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita has acquired Stirling Park, the Kilmarnock-based debt collection firm with 130 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita is to acquire AMT-SYBEX Group, the software firm with 250 staff in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Letchworth, for an initial £82m.

Capita has acquired Updata Infrastructure, the Reigate-based IT network services firm with 160 staff, for £80m.

Capita is planning to create about 1,500 jobs in Scotland over the next two years, and a new £93m call centre contract with John Lewis will result in the transfer of 550 Glasgow-based staff.

Capita is to relocate more than 1,000 London-based staff to a 100,000 sq ft office at 10 Aldermanbury this year.

Capita is looking to recruit an additional 500 staff at its customer management call centres in Leeds and the Dearne Valley.

Capita has acquired Write Research, the recruitment resourcing firm with 30 staff in Leeds, London and Newcastle.

Capita has acquired ParkingEye, the Chorley-based provider of technology-based car parking services with 160 staff, for £57m.

Capita Group is looking to expand its 5,000-strong outsourcing workforce in Scotland with up to 2,000 new jobs over the next two years.

Capita is to acquire Optima Legal Services and its Cost Advocates subsidiary for undisclosed terms, including offices in Bradford, Newcastle and London.

Capita is expanding its call centre at Birmingham's Fort Dunlop by 12,500 sq ft.

Capita has acquired G2G3 Group, the Midlothian-based developer of training games with 26 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita has acquired Micro Librarian Systems, the Stockport-based supplier of resource management systems, from ISIS Equity Partners for undisclosed terms.

Capita has acquired iQor Holdings, the Preston-based provider of outsourced debt collection services with 450 staff, for £42m.

Capita is to acquire Northgate Managed Services, the Newtownabbey-based IT services firm with 1,000 staff, from Northgate Information Solutions for £65m.

Capita is to expand its TV Licensing office in Darwen, Lancashire, in January, with the creation of 50 administration jobs.

Capita has acquired Medicare First, the London-based social work recruitment consultancy with 50 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita and the Army Recruiting Group are to set up a recruitment service for former military personnel at Upavon in Wiltshire, with the creation of 200 jobs.

Capita has acquired Expotel, the Stockport-based corporate travel firm, for £16m.

Capita is to acquire Reliance Secure Task Management, the Bristol-based provider of security services with 2,000 staff, for £20m.

Capita is considering plans to relocate Parliament's switchboard and up to 26 jobs from London, and possible locations include Swindon and Southampton.

Capita has acquired Clinical Solutions, the Basingstoke-based provider of clinical decision support to the healthcare sector with 160 staff, for £20m.

Capita is to create a further 30 jobs at its call centre in Forres, in order to provide customer and sales support to a leading retailer.

Capita has bought Bluefin Corporate Consulting, the employee benefits firm with 548 staff in London and eight regional offices, from AXA for £50m.

Capita is to create up to 100 jobs at its call centre in Southampton this year, in order to provide outsourcing services to the city council.

Capita is to create 140 new jobs at its outsourcing call centre on the Forres Enterprise Park in Moray over the next three years.

Capita has acquired Smiths Consulting, the IT consultancy with 52 staff in Newcastle, London and Chelmsford, for £10m.

Capita has acquired Fish Administration, the Preston-based provider of insurance broking services with 30 staff, from private equity firm Inflexion for £21m.

Capita is to create a further 40 jobs at its outsourcing call centre in Moray over the next few months.

Capita has acquired the UK voice recognition operations of Australia-based Salmat Speech Solutions.

Capita Group has acquired Applied Language Solutions, the Oldham-based provider of translation services with 130 staff, for up to £67m.

Capita is to create 100 new jobs at its business outsourcing call centre in Moray by February 2012.

Capita is to create 336 new jobs at its business process outsourcing operation in Belfast over the next four years.

Capita has acquired Cedar HR Software, the Cambridgeshire-based supplier of HR management software with 45 staff, from Advanced Computer Software for £15m.

Capita has acquired the private sector cell centre business of Vertex for £40m, with the transfer of 1,400 staff in Forres, Liverpool, Manchester, Salford and Sheffield.

Capita Group has acquired Insurance Medical Group, the Durham-based medical reporting and physiotherapy company with 70 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita Group is to acquire AIB International Financial Services, the Irish financial outsourcing firm with 160 staff, for £29m.

Capita is looking to create an unspecified number of new jobs at its recently-acquired Ventura call centre business in Leeds and the Dearne Valley.

Capita has acquired Beat Systems, the Glasgow-based mobile computing software firm, for undisclosed terms.

Capita Group has acquired the Ventura customer services business from Next for £65m, with the transfer of 8,000 staff in Yorkshire, Cardiff, Milton Keynes and India.

Capita Group has acquired Call Centre Technology, the Bristol-based supplier of products and services to customer contact centres with 130 staff, for £15m.

Capita Group has acquired Team24, the Surrey-based healthcare recruitment firm with 80 staff, for £24m.

Capita Group has acquired Right Document Solutions, the London-based print services firm, for £30m.

Capita Group is to acquire the government and health advisory businesses of Tribal Group for up to £16m.

Capita has acquired Talis, the Birmingham-based library software supplier with 42 staff, for up to £21m.

Capita Group has acquired SunGard Public Sector, the US supplier of IT systems to the emergency services, for £86m.

Capita Group has acquired BSI, the hotel booking and meetings management agency with 300 staff in Taunton, London, Nottingham and Cheadle, for £42m.

Capita Group has acquired McKeown Software, the healthcare software firm trading as iSoft Business Solutions with 140 staff in Letchworth and Ireland, for £23m.

Capita Group has acquired FirstAssist Services, the provider of telephone advice services with 360 staff in Leicestershire and Surrey, for £12m.

Capita Group has acquired National Dental Plan for £30m, with the transfer of about 20 London-based staff.

Capita Group has acquired Premier Medical Group, the provider of medical screening services with 280 staff in Ludlow, Lincoln, Pangbourne and London, for £60m.

Capita Group has acquired Ramesys, the Nottingham-based IT services firm with about 300 staff, from Lloyds Banking Group for £15m.

Capita Group has acquired Synetrix, the IT services firm with 193 staff in Keele and Farnborough, from Apax Partners for £75m.

Capita is to create a further 200 jobs at its Craigforth insurance call centre in Stirling.

Capita Group is to acquire Carillion IT Services, the provider of outsourcing and network infrastructure services with 440 staff, for £36m.

Capita Group has acquired the European loan and asset management administration operations of Capmark Financial Group for £10m, with the transfer of 110 staff.

Capita has won a £25m contract to recruit and train 35,000 workers for the 2011 census.

Capita Group has acquired Hero Insurance Services, the personal lines broker, from LV for £15m.

Capita Group has acquired CHKS, the provider of healthcare intelligence services with 80 staff in Alcester, Cardiff and London, from Healthcare Knowledge International for £12m.

Capita Group has acquired ABS Network Solutions, the Crawley-based business networking solutions firm with 56 staff, for £14m.

Capita Group has acquired HFR Holdings and Lancaster Insurance Services for £16m, in order to expand its business into classic car insurance.

Capita is to acquire ComputerLand, the Nottingham-based IT services firm, for £29m.

Capita is to set up offices totalling 60,000 sq ft at Lee House and Churchgate House in Manchester city centre.

Capita Group is to acquire Higham Dunnett Shaw, the pensions administration firm with 260 staff in London, Edinburgh, Telford and Leeds, for £15m.

Capita Group is to acquire the trust and company administration business of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Channel Islands for £13m.

Capita is to expand the 300-strong workforce at its television licensing call centre in Darwen with an additional 45 staff.

Capita Group has acquired CMGL, the provider of outsourced claims and insurance management services with 440 staff in London, Cheltenham, Birmingham and overseas, from Sovereign Capital Partners for £32m.

Capita has acquired a further 150,000 sq ft of warehouse space for its document management business at Darlington's Lingfield Point business park, which could lead to the creation of 30 jobs.

Capita Group has acquired Harry Weeks Travel & Leisure Group, the Orpington-based travel software company with 70 staff, for £21m.

Capita Business Services is to create up to 50 new jobs at its computer support operation on the Wyvern Business Park in Derby.

Capita is to expand the workforce at its TV licensing call centre in Darwen, Lancashire, from 210 to about 340.

Capita is to set up a new 40,000 sq ft office at Donegall Square in Belfast to help service its BBC outsourcing contract.

Capita Group is to acquire Sinclair Henderson, the Exeter-based investment fund administration business with 90 staff, from Iimia Investment Group for an initial £10m.

Capita Group has acquired Lonsdale Travel, the Derby-based travel management company with 220 staff, for £10m.

Capita has acquired BDML Connect, the personal lines insurance company, for £26m.

Capita Group has acquired Brownsword, the provider of claims investigation services, for £5m.

Capita Group is to start recruiting 200 new staff for a call centre in Gloucester, in order to operate the government's new Child Trust Fund.

Capita Group has won a £430m contract to manage Child Trust Funds, which will involve the transfer of 100 jobs from The Children's Mutual and the creation of 100 new jobs in Gloucester.

Capita Group is to acquire Aon Health Solutions, the workplace health risk management company with 232 staff, for undisclosed terms.

Capita Group has acquired Symonds Group, the provider of consultancy, project management and design services to the property market with 700 staff, for an initial £30m.

Capita is to set up a 50,000 sq ft office at Lingfield Point in Darlington in August, with the relocation of up to 400 staff from Mowden Hall.

Capita is planning to acquire Aurora, the company established to settle the outstanding business of Independent Insurance, for undisclosed terms.

Capita Group has acquired Cost Auditing, the London-based provider of legal cost auditing services for the insurance sector, for up to £7.9m.

Capita Business Services has indicated that up to 1,000 jobs could be created at its new call centre in Coventry, which has been set up to handle a £230m contract for London's new road transport charging scheme.

Capita Group is creating more than 200 jobs at a former cotton mill in Darwen, which has been transformed into a TV licensing call centre to handle its new contract from the BBC.

Capita Group is setting up a new administration office and call centre in Bristol's Temple Street to manage its 10-year contract for the BBC's licence system.

Capita Group has acquired three businesses specialising in absence related cost management services from the Wynchgate Group for £19m, in order to expand its HR Service division.

Capita Group has acquired three human resources businesses with 220 staff from PricewaterhouseCoopers for £14m, including Human Resources Outsourcing, Interim Management and Executive Search & Selection.

Capita Group has acquired City Financial Group, the provider of unit trust administration services, for up to £4.6m.

Capita Group has acquired Resource Management, the London-based provider of social workers, for £7.1m.

Capita Group has acquired the Industrial Society's workforce training and development business, which runs about 150 courses and trains 50,000 people a year, for up to £24m.

Capita Group has acquired Moorgate Registrars, the Chelmsford-based registrar, for £2m, in order to expand its shareholder services business.

Capita is to acquire McLarens from McLarens Toplis for £33m, in order to provide claims management outsourcing services to the insurance industry.

Capita is to buy the corporate trustee business of Royal & Sun Alliance for £24m, and will also acquire the remaining 68.5% of the Myshares software business for £2m.

Capita has bought the remaining 74% of Eastgate, the supplier of outsourcing services to the insurance industry, for £14m.

Capita has won a £400m government contract to set up and run the new Criminal Records Bureau.

Capita is to acquire IRG, the share registration service, for £100m, in order to expand its back-office administration services into the private sector.

Capita is forming an alliance with Microsoft to develop new online services for schools, including a system to allow parents to monitor the progress of their children.

Capita has acquired the LHR teaching staff agency for £12m, in order to strengthen its support services business.

Capita is to set up a £2.1m national computer call centre in Coventry to handle work outsourced by local councils, and 120 jobs will be created.

Capita Group has acquired MPM Adams, the project management company, for £4m.

Capita Group has acquired Sector Holdings, the treasury and financial management advisory service, for £11m, in order to expand the range of services offered to local authorities.