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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Cable & Wireless Communications

Cable & Wireless Communications, the London-based telecoms firm with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, is to be acquired by Liberty Global of the US for £3.5bn.

Cable & Wireless Communications is creating 100 jobs at a new call centre in Waterlooville.

Cable & Wireless Communications is to set up a call centre in Swansea with the creation of 1,200 jobs, in order to deal with the anticipated demand for digital TV.

Cable & Wireless Communications is to create 2,000 jobs as part of its digital TV plans, including 740 technical staff in Manchester and London and 1,200 call centre staff.

Cable & Wireless Communications is acquiring the Irish business of Cable & Wireless, its majority shareholder, as part of a £30m infrastructure programme that will help it benefit from the liberalisation of the Irish market.

Cable & Wireless Communications has awarded a £1.8bn 10-year deal to IBM for the outsourcing of its central management systems, which will involve the transfer of about 950 staff and the creation of an additional 400 jobs.