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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless is to relocate up to 740 staff from the former Energis site in Reading to Bracknell in July.

Cable & Wireless is to acquire Energis, the telecoms network operator with 1,550 staff in Leeds, London, Reading and Dublin, in a deal worth £837m, and is planning to shed 700 jobs across the combined group by 2008.

Cable & Wireless is to relocate its head office from London to Bracknell, as part of a reorganisation of its telecoms business that will involve the loss of 600 jobs across the UK and Europe.

Cable & Wireless is to invest up to £50m in the provision of broadband internet services over the next 12 months, and a further £35m the following year.

Cable & Wireless is to increase its customer services and sales staff in Leeds and Sunderland from 30 to 60.

Cable & Wireless is to invest £70m in the development of broadband services, and is planning to install its own telephone equipment in 200 of BT's busiest exchanges.

Cable & Wireless is to acquire Bulldog Communications, the provider of broadband services, for £19m.

Cable & Wireless has won approval from the Guernsey parliament to acquire Guernsey Telecom for £30m, and will invest £5m in the island's e-business infrastructure.

Cable & Wireless is to acquire PSINet Japan, the supplier of internet services, for £7.2m.

Cable & Wireless is planning to buy Exodus Communications, the US web-hosting company currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in a £700m investment.

Cable & Wireless is to acquire Digital Island, the US internet services group, for £239m.

Cable & Wireless has announced plans to expand its Globalnet high-speed internet access service into the UK and other European countries.

Cable & Wireless is to invest £300m in a new transatlantic cable being built by Alcatel to carry internet traffic, and will become the exclusive distributor of capacity.

Cable & Wireless has acquired ML Integration, the integrator of voice and data networks, for undisclosed terms.

Cable & Wireless is to set up a customer service call centre at the Atlas Business Park near Manchester Airport next year.

Cable & Wireless is to invest £970m in the development of a new optical fibre network in Japan over the next five years, which will double the workforce at its IDC division to 2,000.

Cable & Wireless has bought five more small internet companies for £67m, including Eaisa of Spain, Pictime of France, Point of Presence of Germany, and Widex and Impact of the Netherlands.

Cable & Wireless is investing £13m in GorillaPark, the Amsterdam-based internet investment company, and the money will be used to invest in about 15 start-up companies.

Cable & Wireless is forming an alliance with Microsoft to develop software products that can be accessed remotely over the internet.

Cable & Wireless has announced plans to invest £2.5bn in the creation of a new global telecoms division.

Cable & Wireless has acquired a 51% stake in Ipergy Communications of Brussels for undisclosed terms, as part of a strategy to develop a pan-European internet business.

Cable & Wireless has acquired Jaguar Communications, the St Albans-based network integration company.

Cable & Wireless is to sell its Hong Kong telecoms subsidiary to Pacific Century Cyber Works for £22bn.

Cable & Wireless has bought a further eight internet service providers in continental Europe, and is looking to invest a further £300m in the expansion of its network.

NTL is buying Cable & Wireless Communications' residential cable assets for £8.2bn, while Cable & Wireless is buying the remaining 47% of CWC in a £6.5bn deal.

Cable & Wireless has acquired Internet Network Services, the provider of corporate internet access services, for undisclosed terms.

Cable & Wireless is selling its undersea cable-laying operation to Global Crossing of the US for £550m, in order to focus on its core business of communications networks.

Cable & Wireless has acquired ECRC Network Services, the German internet service provider, from ICL for £27m.

Cable & Wireless is planning to invest a further £44m in Ireland, creating 300 jobs in Dublin and Shannon.

Cable & Wireless is set to buy the internet assets of MCI in a £1.2bn deal, in order to allow the US company to win regulatory approval for its merger with WorldCom.

Cable & Wireless has bought the internet backbone business of MCI of the US for £385m, beating off competition from two unnamed US groups and giving C&W access to large US corporate customers.

Cable & Wireless has ended its European telecommunications partnership with Veba by selling its stake in their Vebacom joint venture to the German company for £820m.