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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities


BTR is selling its Australian polymer products business to Austrim for £23m, as part of a strategy to transform itself from a conglomerate into a focused engineering company.

BTR has acquired Swichtec Power Systems, the New Zealand manufacturer of power equipment for the telecoms sector, for up to £44m.

BTR is selling its Dunlop and Standard aerospace operations to Doughty Hanson for £510m, which will complete its transformation from a conglomerate into a focused engineering group.

BTR has sold the Hawker Pacific and Hawker de Havilland aerospace businesses in Australia to Celsius of Sweden and Tenix of Australia respectively for a total £62m.

BTR is selling its Australian building materials and Formica laminates businesses to CVC Capital Partners for about £650m, as part of a strategy to focus on engineering.

BTR has sold its glass and plastic bottling operations to Owens-Illinois of the US for £2.2bn, and Owens-Illinois is now hoping that European regulators will not object to its strong position in the glass packaging market.

BTR is to sell its US seals and shielding systems business, its hosing and belting businesses, and a number of small industrial businesses to a management-led venture called Unipoly, in a £515m disposal that will help it focus on engineering.

BTR is to acquire Exide Electronics, the US supplier of uninterruptible power-supply systems, for £360m.

BTR has sold Serck Heat Transfer, the Birmingham-based heat transfer equipment business, to NatWest Ventures for £31.5m.

BTR has bought Limitorque, the valve actuator concern, for £36.8m.

BTR has acquired Microlite's Brazilian industrial batteries operation for £44m, as part of a strategy to boost sales in emerging markets.

Lear Corporation of the US is acquiring Dunlop Cox, the maker of frames for vehicle seats, from BTR for £36m.

BTR has acquired Pollux Meter Group, the French maker of water meters, for £163m.

Vacu-Blast Group, the air-blasting and composites machinery concern, has been bought by a management team from BTR for £6m.

BTR has sold its controlling stakes in three Taiwanese plastics joint ventures to a consortium comprising Union Petrochemical and USI Far East Corporation, for £191m.

BTR has acquired Vogt Valves of Kentucky, the maker of low-pressure valves for process industries, for £20m from Henry Vogt Machine Company.

BTR has sold Plascoat International and Plascoat Coatings, its plastics processing operations, to a management buy-out for £30m.

BTR is to buy GenCorp's anti-vibration business in the US for $100m, as a step towards becoming a global company in auto components.

BTR Packaging's ACI Rockware unit has bought Labplas (UK).

BTR is buying Metalurgica Carto, the Brazilian motor parts maker.

BTR has sold its minority stake in Titan, the Malaysian petrochemical concern, for £89m.

BTR has sold its Tilcon Holdings UK aggregates business to Minorco for £330m.