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We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

We Help Companies Find New Sales Opportunities

British Vita

British Vita is to sell its Hyperlast and Autothane elastomer systems operations to Dow Polyurethanes for undisclosed terms, including 170 staff in Derbyshire and Wrexham.

British Vita is to relocate its UK headquarters and up to 25 staff from Middleton to Accrington.

British Vita has acquired the thermoplastic elastomers business of Valerio Franceschetti Elastomeri of Italy for an initial £5.5m.

British Vita, the chemicals and plastics group, is to be acquired by Texas Pacific Group for £668m.

British Vita is looking to expand its chemicals and plastics business by spending £50m a year on acquisitions.

British Vita has acquired the remaining 50% of its Canadian foam products business for £15m.

British Vita has acquired Atlas, the Australian manufacturer of ceramic tile adhesive, for £1.2m.

British Vita has acquired Polytex SAS, the French thermoplastic elastomer compounding company with 10 staff, for £0.4m.

British Vita is looking to spend up to £40m on acquisitions to expand its foam and plastics business.

British Vita has acquired the production assets and customer base of Crown General's polyolefin sheet extrusion division in Belgium for undisclosed terms, and one of the extrusion lines will be relocated to the UK.

British Vita has acquired Synco, the Italian colour and additive masterbatch producer, from Cognis for £1.3m.

British Vita has acquired Nolato Elastoteknik, the Swedish thermoplastic elastomer compounding company, for £5m.

British Vita has acquired Fabex, the Blackburn-based thermoplastic sheet manufacturer, for £3m, and will relocate the business to its site in Redhill.

British Vita has acquired Imperial Packaging, the US manufacturer of thermoplastic sheet, for £3.7m.

British Vita has acquired Elian, the French specialist colour concentrates company, for £17m.

British Vita is acquiring Caleppio, the Italian manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets, for £10m.

British Vita is to acquire Doeflex, the industrial plastics company, for £66m, as part of a strategy to equalise the sales of its three divisions - foams, industrial polymers, and fibres and fabrics.

British Vita has acquired JGP, the thermoplastic compounding company, for £2.2m.

British Vita is acquiring Hyperlast, the polyurethane business, for £35m, in order to strengthen its industrial compounds division.

British Vita, the foams and plastics company, is acquiring Crest Foam Industries of the US and Silvergate Plastics, the UK colour compounding company, for a total of £15m.