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WPP has acquired a majority stake in Fortune Cookie, the London-based digital marketing services firm with 190 staff, in order to expand its Possible Worldwide division.

WPP is to acquire AKQA, the digital agency with 1,160 staff in London and other cities across the US, Europe and Asia, for undisclosed terms.

WPP is planning to relocate the headquarters of its advertising business from Ireland back to London.

WPP, the advertising company, is considering plans to relocate its tax headquarters from Ireland back to the UK.

WPP is planning to shed a further 3,600 jobs from its global marketing services business this year.

WPP, the advertising agency, is considering plans to relocate its UK headquarters to Ireland for tax reasons.

WPP Group has acquired a 75% stake in HeathWallace, the Reading-based website design agency with 60 staff and annual revenue of £4.3m.

WPP is in negotiations to acquire a 100,000 sq ft office at the Qube development in London W1 for one of its advertising subsidiaries.

WPP has acquired 24/7 Real Media, the US internet advertising group, for £328m.

WPP has acquired WestawayGillis Consulting, the High Wycombe-based healthcare communications company with 30 staff and annual turnover of £3.3m.

WPP has acquired TAPSA, the Spanish marketing communications services group with 202 staff, as well as a 49.9% stake in London-based Clemmow Hornby Inge.

WPP is to close its United London advertising agency with the transfer of some of the 25 staff to its Grey agency.

WPP has acquired All Global, the London-based market research and data collection company with 44 staff.

WPP has acquired Zaaz, the US digital marketing company with 65 staff, for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired the outstanding 81% stake in MediaCom North, the Manchester-based media investment management network with 45 staff.

WPP has acquired Pentor Instytut Badania Opinii i Rynku, the Polish market research agency with 107 staff.

WPP is to acquire Bridge Worldwide, the US marketing agency with 120 staff.

WPP has acquired an 80% stake in Studiocom, the US-based digital marketing services agency with 55 staff, in order to expand its VML subsidiary.

WPP has acquired Dynamic Logic, the online market research company with 65 staff in the US and London, in order to expand its Millward Brown business.

WPP is said to be planning to shed about 17% of the 200 London-based staff at recently-acquired advertising agency Grey Global.

WPP is to acquire Grey Global, the US advertising agency, for £845m.

WPP has closed its Tyrell broadcast equipment business with the loss of 28 jobs in Bristol and Manchester.

WPP is to acquire Mungenast Dialog Marketing, the German direct marketing agency with 50 staff.

WPP has acquired Centrum voor Marketing Analyses, the Dutch market research company with 100 staff, in order to expand its Millward Brown business.

WPP has agreed to acquire Cordiant Communications for £266m, which will strengthen its position in marketing services, Latin America and Asia.

WPP has acquired Sadek Wynberg Research for undisclosed terms, in order to expand its Millward Brown market research division.

WPP has acquired a 40% stake in Marktest Investimentos, the Portuguese market research and media audience management company with 210 staff, in order to expand its Kantar Media Research division.

WPP is to expand its Red Cell communications services network in London with the acquisition of a 49% stake in HHCL from Chime Communications for £3.5m.

WPP has acquired Media Club, the Italian independent media agency with 86 staff.

WPP has acquired a 25% stake in Shanghai Advertising for undisclosed terms, in order to increase its activities in China.

WPP has acquired Les Ouvriers du Paradis, the French advertising agency with 33 staff, in order to expand its Red Cell communications network.

WPP has acquired Gambit AS, the Norwegian public relations agency with 22 staff, in order to expand its Hill & Knowlton subsidiary.

WPP has acquired London-based research consultancy HeadlightVision, the Samcor Communications Company in the US and a 60% stake in Chinese PR company H-Line Worldwide.

WPP has acquired a 60% stake in BrandOne Advertising, the Chinese direct marketing company with 22 staff, in order to expand its OgilvyOne Worldwide business.

WPP is to acquire Irish Marketing Surveys, which has 130 staff in Dublin and Belfast, in order to expand its Millward Brown communications research business.

WPP has acquired the media buying business of Purely Media in Manchester, and the 10 staff will be relocated to its nearby Mediaedge office.

WPP has acquired Berlin Cameron & Partners, the US advertising agency with 40 staff, in order to expand its Red Cell global network.

WPP is to acquire Global Sportnet Beteiligungs, the German sports marketing agency with 16 staff.

WPP has acquired Penn Schoen & Berland, the US strategic research and polling consultancy with 81 staff.

WPP has acquired AKKA, the French public relations firm with 22 staff, in order to expand its Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide business.

WPP has acquired Mediafax, the marketing research agency in Puerto Rico with 72 staff, in order to expand its Kantar Media Research division.

WPP has acquired MJM Creative Services, the US conference and event production company with 80 staff, in order to expand its Brand Union division.

WPP is to acquire The Identity Business of Ireland, in order to expand its Enterprise IG global branding consultancy.

WPP has acquired The Marketing & Communication Agency, the London-based internal communications consultancy, in order to expand its Brand Union division.

WPP is to acquire QCi Assessment, the customer relationship management consultancy with annual sales of £1.8m, in order to expand its OgilvyOne division.

WPP has acquired VML, the US integrated marketing services company with 200 staff, for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired Communique Public Relations, the Manchester-based public relations company with 35 staff, in order to expand its Burson-Marsteller business.

WPP is to acquire Finsbury, the public relations company, for an initial payment of about £15m.

WPP has acquired Springbok Technologies, the Texas-based public relations company with 60 staff, through its Cohn & Wolfe subsidiary in the US.

WPP has acquired Glendinning Management Consultants and a 77% stake in French branding agency CB Associes for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired Premiere Group Holdings, the sports marketing consultancy, for undisclosed terms.

WPP is in negotiations to acquire Finsbury, the public relations company.

WPP has acquired a 4% stake in Inferentia, the Italian e-business consultancy, for £5m, as part of a strategy to develop its new media operations.

WPP has agreed a £2.8bn merger with Young & Rubicam of New York, which will create the largest advertising group in the world.

WPP Group has acquired Rada Recruitment Communications through its J Walter Thompson Specialised Communications division, for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired Hiller Wust & Partners, the German public relations company, for undisclosed terms.

WPP is to acquire BWR Public Relations of the US for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired The Brand Union, the parent company of the advertising and branding business Lambie-Nairn.

WPP has acquired Mediaquest Sarl, the French advertising agency, for undisclosed terms.

WPP has acquired Shire Hall Group, the healthcare communications consultancy with annual turnover of about £4m.

WPP is to acquire IntelliQuest, the US-based information provider, for up to £28m.

WPP has acquired the remaining 49% of the Austrian advertising agency Grill & Gull Thompson for undisclosed terms.

WPP is to acquire NoHo Digital, the new media agency, and the business will be merged with its OgilvyOne division.

WPP Group is acquiring a 49% stake in Market Segment Group of the US for undisclosed terms.

WPP is to relocate its Ogilvy & Mather advertising business in the West End of London to Canary Wharf.

WPP has acquired a 49% stake in International Presentations, and has an option to buy the remainder.

WPP is acquiring a 20% stake in Brierley & Partners, the customer loyalty concern.

WPP, the marketing services company, has bought Tyrell, the provider of computer-based production equipment, for undisclosed terms.

WPP Group has bought Performers Group, the Belgian healthcare specialist with annual sales of $4m.

WPP has acquired an 80% stake in Marcom, the Polish direct marketing agency with annual sales of about £5m.

WPP is acquiring a 30% stake in AGB Italia, the Italian provider of TV audience research, for undisclosed terms.

WPP is acquiring Crossab, the holding company for the Sexton group of advertising and marketing companies in Sweden.

WPP has acquired Barry Gowers Advertising, the London-based healthcare agency, for an initial £0.7m.

WPP is forming an alliance with Asatsu, the Japanese advertising agency, with each company taking a stake of about £100m in the other.

WPP has acquired Conway/Milliken & Associates, the US customer research company, as part of a strategy to expand its information and consultancy operations.

WPP is acquiring Goldfarb Corporation, the Canadian marketing research consultancy, for £24m.

WPP is acquiring DSBS Reclamebureau, the Dutch advertising agency with net assets of £1m.

WPP Group has bought two US marketing consultancies - Charles Rivers Strategies and MSC Channel Research and Consulting.

GGT, the advertising agency, has agreed to a £141m takeover offer from Omnicom of the US, following a collapse in its share price that was caused by the loss of the Procter & Gamble account in the US.

WPP has acquired an initial 37% stake in Batey, the Singapore advertising agency, and has the option to take control of Batey for about £30m.

WPP is said to be planning to acquire a minority stake in Chime Communications, the public relations company that is preparing to acquire the Henry Chaldecott Lury advertising agency.

WPP has confirmed plans to merge the media operations of J Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather to create a new company called Mindshare, and it will also go-ahead with the acquisition of Buchanan Communications.

WPP is planning to merge the UK media buying operations of its two advertising units, J Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather.

WPP is to acquire Buchanan Communications, the public relations company, for up to £15m.

WPP is taking a 49% stake in two new market research ventures in China - one in Hong Kong and the other in Guangzhou.

WPP has bought a 69.7% stake in Bellanger Foucaucourt & Associes, the French direct marketing company, for £2.65m, and has an option to buy the remainder.

WPP, the marketing services company, has acquired Addison Investments, the producer of corporate literature, for £5m.

WPP is acquiring a 14.4% stake in CIA, Europe's second largest independent media buying company, and some analysts believe that a closer alliance or a full bid could follow.