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Vodafone is to acquire 140 Phones4u stores out of administration, securing the future of 887 jobs.

Vodafone is to relocate up to 186 staff to a new 23,000 sq ft technology hub being created at Colmore Plaza in Birmingham.

Vodafone is planning to expand the team at its Xone technology incubator in London from 12 to 20.

Vodafone is to close its business services office in Burton next March, with the loss of 121 jobs.

Vodafone is planning to open 150 new mobile phone stores over the next year, with the creation of 1,400 jobs.

Vodafone is planning to set up a 48,000 sq ft office at Green Park in Reading.

Vodafone is reported to be considering plans to invest £150m opening up to 250 new stores over the next two years.

Vodafone is to increase the planned investment in its mobile phone networks to £7bn by 2016.

Vodafone is to invest £6bn in the expansion of its 4G networks, fibre optic cables, high street stores and mobile payment services, following the £84bn sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless.

Vodafone is to increase investment in its UK network by 50% to £900m this year, in preparation for the launch of the 4G mobile service.

Vodafone is expanding its graduate recruitment programme with the creation of 400 new jobs over the next five years.

Vodafone is to relocate up to 15 customer service jobs from Belfast to call centres in Newark and Stoke-on-Trent in March.

Vodafone is to shed 80 technology and IT jobs at the Newbury-based headquarters of its telecoms business.

Vodafone is planning to set up a new technology research and incubation centre at Tech City in East London by the end of the year.

Vodafone is to acquire Cable & Wireless Worldwide, the provider of high-speed telecoms services with operations in 35 countries, for £1.04bn.

Vodafone is to acquire Bluefish Communications, the Reading-based IT and communications consultancy with gross assets of £3.1m.

Vodafone is to relocate its Formula One sponsorship department and 15 staff from Ireland back to London in September.

Vodafone is to increase the 900-strong workforce at its call centre in Stoke-on-Trent with more than 250 new jobs.

Vodafone is to close its call centre in Trowbridge in June 2012, with the loss of up to 200 jobs, in order to transfer the work to Stoke-on-Trent.

Vodafone is to sell its 44% stake in the SFR mobile network in France to joint venture partner Vivendi for £6.8bn.

Vodafone Global Enterprise has acquired Quickcomm of Australia and TnT Expense Management of the US, in order to improve its telecom expense management capabilities.

Vodafone is to close its customer service call centre in Banbury next year, with the loss of 400 jobs, in order to transfer the work to Newark, Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester.

Vodafone is planning to shed up to 60 jobs at its Festival Park call centre in Etruria, in order to transfer a technical support department to Egypt.

Vodafone is planning to shed 375 back office jobs in Newbury, Banbury, Newark, Stoke, Trowbridge and Warrington, but 170 new jobs will be created in customer services.

Vodafone is planning to recruit 50 graduates for its management training programme in September 2010.

Vodafone is to relocate its global headquarters and up to 200 staff from Newbury to its Paddington office in London in October, but a further 900 staff with global functions will remain in Newbury.

Vodafone is to shed 500 of the 10,000 jobs in its UK mobile phones business, including 170 back-office jobs at its Newbury headquarters.

Vodafone is to acquire Wayfinder, the Swedish manufacturer of wireless navigation systems, for £20m.

Vodafone is looking to open a further 50 mobile phone stores with the creation of 200 jobs.

Vodafone has acquired Zyb, the Dutch provider of mobile internet services, for £25m.

Vodafone is to shed up to 450 management jobs, but 330 jobs will be created in its retail stores, 130 in sales for its Enterprise business and 30 in online sales and customer service.

Vodafone is thought to be considering plans to set up a new 140,000 sq ft office in the Thames Valley, and possible locations include Reading, Guildford and Hammersmith.

Vodafone is to set up an 80,000 sq ft call centre at the Etruria Valley business park in Stoke-on-Trent in 2009, with the relocation of about 1,200 staff from four existing offices.

Vodafone has acquired the Italian and Spanish broadband operations of Tele2 for £537m.

Vodafone is to acquire a 67% stake in Hutchison Essar, the Indian mobile operator, for £5.7bn.

Vodafone is to outsource some of its back-office IT work to EDS and IBM, including application development and systems maintenance, which will affect about 6,300 global staff and external contractors.

Vodafone is to sell its 25% stake in Proximus, the Belgian mobile phone operator, to Belgacom for £1.4bn.

Vodafone has acquired Yes Telecom, the Manchester-based telecoms company with 110 staff, for an estimated £30m.

Vodafone is planning to shed 400 jobs at its headquarters in Newbury, which will involve the outsourcing of various back-office functions.

Vodafone is considering plans to outsource its billing, software development and customer-relationship management operations, prompting speculation that a large number of staff could transfer to IBM.

Vodafone is to acquire Telsim, the Turkish mobile phone operator, for £2.5bn.

Vodafone is to sell its Swedish mobile phone operation to Telenor of Norway for £704m.

Vodafone is to close a customer services call centre in Birmingham in February, with 500 of the 650 jobs being transferred to sites in Warrington and Stoke.

Vodafone is to create 100 jobs at the former Singlepoint customer service call centre in Chesterton, North Staffordshire.

Vodafone is to shed 195 finance and IT jobs at its Singlepoint mobile phone business in Stoke-on-Trent by April.

Vodafone is to shed 200 jobs at offices in Newbury and Theale by the end of the year, which will affect the marketing, finance and technology departments.

Vodafone is to create 100 new jobs at its recently-acquired Project 5 telecoms facility in Newark, and the site will become a centre of excellence for services to business customers.

Vodafone is to shed up to 80 jobs by combining its direct sales forces with those of recent acquisitions Corporate 4u and Project Telecom.

Vodafone has awarded a £6m contract to Moss Construction to refurbish offices at the Newbury Business Park by January 2004.

Vodafone is planning to close its call centre in Abingdon in November, and some of the 210 staff will be offered the chance to relocate to Banbury or Birmingham.

Vodafone is to acquire Singlepoint, the mobile phone services subsidiary of Caudwell, for £405m.

Vodafone is to close its Midlands network management centre with the loss of 96 jobs in Solihull, in order to create a two-region structure managed from Warrington and Hayes.

Vodafone is to acquire Project Telecom, the Newark-based provider of mobile phone services, for £155m.

Vodafone is to close the former Cellular Operations call centre in Swindon later this year with the loss of 480 jobs.

Vodafone is planning to spend up to £1.3bn acquiring the minority stakes in its Swedish, Dutch and Portuguese subsidiaries.

Vodafone has agreed a £4bn deal to gain control of French mobile operator SFR, which would involve the acquisition of an additional 41% stake in Cegetel, the owner of 80% of SFR.

Vodafone has raised £713m from the sale of its stake in the Telematik railway communications network in Germany.

Vodafone has announced a £20m investment in China, which will involve the acquisition of a 10% stake in the Aspire mobile internet joint venture between China Mobile and Hewlett-Packard.

Vodafone and Vivendi Universal are to restructure their Vizzavi internet portal business, which will involve a 12% reduction in European staffing levels and a change to the way it shares revenue with mobile phone operators.

Vodafone is to shed 600 jobs in its domestic mobile phone business, including 250 at its Newbury headquarters.

Vodafone is to create a further 50 jobs at its mobile phone customer contact centre in Blacklands Way, Abingdon.

Vodafone is to close five directory assistance centres, and the 350 employees will be offered alternative jobs.

Vodafone has sold its Tele-ring mobile phone business in Austria to Western Wireless of the US for undisclosed terms.

Vodafone has raised £3.5bn in a share placing in order to fund the acquisition of certain assets from British Telecom, including a 20% stake in Japan Telecom and an 18% stake in Airtel of Spain.

Vodafone is to acquire AT&T's 10% stake in Japan Telecom for £930m, taking its total stake to 25%.

Vodafone has announced a deal to provide in-car telematics to Ford in Europe, which will give drivers access to emergency services, traffic information and route details.

Vodafone is to acquire a 34% stake in Grupo Iusacell, the Mexican wireless operator, for £648m.

Vodafone is to acquire the Eircell mobile phone subsidiary of Eircom of Ireland for £2.6bn.

Vodafone is to expand its mobile phone network in remote parts of Scotland by using 10,000 pylons owned by Scottish & Southern Energy.

Vodafone is planning to buy a 15% stake in Japan Telecom for £1.7bn, in order to gain majority control of the J-Phone mobile phone business.

Vodafone is looking to make at least two significant acquisitions in Asia over the next six months, and may bid for some of the assets that British Telecom is planning to sell off.

Vodafone is planning to set up a new regional office for its mobile phones business at Birchwood Park in Warrington.

Vodafone is to invest £1.7bn in an alliance with China Mobile, in order to gain access to the Chinese mobile phone market.

Vodafone is planning to sell Infostrada, the Italian internet and fixed phone business, to Enel for £7.2bn.

Vodafone is planning to sell its 11.7% stake in Shinsegi Telecom of Korea for about £450m, due to concerns about the country's regulatory environment.

Vodafone is to open 10 new mobile phone stores in Northern Ireland over the next 12 months, in a £15m investment that will create more than 50 jobs.

Vodafone AirTouch is making its first move into the Chinese mobile phone market through a technology-sharing deal with China Unicom.

Vodafone AirTouch has agreed to sell its Orange mobile phone business to France Telecom for £31bn, and Orange's existing management team will be retained in preparation for a partial flotation.

Vodafone AirTouch is in talks to sell its Orange mobile phone business to France Telecom for about £30bn.

Vodafone AirTouch, TIW of Canada, British Telecom, One-2-One and Orange have won the five licences to launch third-generation mobile phone services, and each of them must now build a network that can be used by at least 80% of the population.

Vodafone is to close its Cheltenham call centre in July, with the loss of 30 jobs.

Vodafone AirTouch has agreed a £113bn merger with Mannesmann of Germany, which will create the largest telecoms group in the world.

Vodafone AirTouch is planning to move into new premises on the Exeter Business Park at Sowton next month, with the creation of scores of new jobs.

Vodafone AirTouch is linking up with Casio Computer to jointly develop mobile multimedia palm-top computers.

Vodafone AirTouch is forming a joint venture with Vivendi of France to offer internet services to their 70m customers, including a portal that can be accessed through PC, television or mobile phone.

Vodafone AirTouch is forming an alliance with investment bank Warburg Dillon Read, in order to examine opportunities to distribute investment information to Vodafone's mobile phone customers.

Vodafone AirTouch is to develop new ways of accessing the internet from mobile phones, in partnership with IBM, Nokia, Sun, Ericsson, Palm Computing and Psion.

Vodafone AirTouch has won US regulatory approval to merge its mobile phone interests with those of Bell Atlantic, and the deal is now expected to be completed in the middle of next year.

Vodafone AirTouch is in negotiations to raise its stake in Spanish mobile phone company Airtel from 22% to more than 50%.

Vodafone AirTouch has increased its stake in MobiFon, the operator of the Connex CSM mobile phone service in Romania, to 20%, giving it an interest valued at £58m.

Vodafone AirTouch has launched a £76bn takeover bid for Mannesmann, the German telecoms group, a move prompted by Mannesmann's acquisition of Orange.

Vodafone AirTouch has bought Scottish Power Telecommunications, a mobile joint venture between Scottish Power and Martin Dawes Telecommunications, for £13m.

Vodafone AirTouch is buying a further 5.5% stake in Polkomtel, the Polish mobile phone operator, for £87m, taking its stake to 25%.

Vodafone AirTouch is to use the NTL call centre at Cleppa Park in Wales to provide service back-up for its new mobile phone with internet access.

Vodafone AirTouch has announced a series of deals to become the second largest shareholder in Japan's nine regional mobile phone companies.

Vodafone AirTouch has sold its 17% stake in E-Plus Mobilfunk, the German mobile phone group, to France Telecom for £1.07bn, and the proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes.

Vodafone AirTouch and Bell Atlantic have agreed to merge their wireless assets to create the largest mobile phone business in the US with a value of about $70bn.

Vodafone Distribution is to acquire UniqueAir, the mobile phone service provider, from Unipart for about £50m.

Vodafone AirTouch is planning to float its Australasian operations next year, and has announced that Vodafone Holdings Australia has acquired Vodafone's New Zealand business and 49% of Vodafone Fiji.

Vodafone AirTouch is to lease about 2,100 of its US communication masts to American Tower Corporation, in order to focus on its core business of network operation.

Vodafone AirTouch and Bell Atlantic are to split the assets of their PrimeCo Personal Communications joint venture in the US.

Vodafone is to relocate its mobile phone warehouse on the Banbury Business Park to Coventry later this year, with the transfer of 40 staff.

Vodafone AirTouch is to acquire CommNet Cellular, the US mobile phone operator, for £493m, in order to gain 360,000 customers in nine states.

Vodafone is planning to invest £1bn over the next five years upgrading its mobile phone network so that it can offer services using the new UMTS operating standard.

Vodafone has announced plans to float Libertel, its Dutch mobile phones subsidiary, on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

Vodafone has won planning permission to build a £120m world headquarters in Newbury, where it will employ up to 3,400 staff.

Vodafone is linking up with the Automobile Association to trial a location system based on GSM phones in the Cambridge area.

Vodafone and Cable & Wireless Communications are to integrate their fixed and mobile services for business customers in order to provide single billing and a number of added-value services.

Vodafone is set to acquire AirTouch, the US cellular phone company, for $61bn, following the withdrawal of Bell Atlantic from the bidding.

Vodafone has awarded a £100m contract to Cable & Wireless Communications for the supply of a backbone network to link up its core sites and improve nationwide mobile phone coverage.

Vodafone has completed the £237m acquisition of a GSM cellular network in New Zealand from BellSouth New Zealand, and has also announced a deal with Tesco to sell pay-as-you-go phones.

Vodafone is said to be considering a merger with Airtouch of the US, which would create a £40bn mobile phone group.

Vodafone is acquiring BellSouth New Zealand, the mobile phone network, for £230m and plans to help lift the country's mobile phone penetration from 17% to 50% by 2005.

Vodafone has reduced its stake in the Globalstar satellite-based global communications venture from 5.15% to 3.14%, raising £71m.

Vodafone is proposing the construction of a new world headquarters for up to 4,000 staff in Newbury, but the plans are likely to face opposition from environmentalists.

Vodafone and Cellnet are to invest £40m in base stations to bring mobile phones to consumers in Scotland's Highlands and Islands region.

Vodafone is leading a consortium that is bidding £315m for Egypt's second mobile phone licence.

Vodafone is increasing its stake in Libertel, the Dutch mobile network operator, by 26.5% to 61.5% at a cost of £267m.

Vodafone is linking up with Racal Telecom to offer a package of mobile and managed fixed voice and data services to corporate clients.

Vodafone is negotiating the acquisition of a majority stake in Libertel, the Dutch GSM phone operator and service provider in which it already holds 35%.

Vodafone has finalised a deal to offer fixed-line phone services provided by Energis, giving Energis access to 3m Vodafone customers.

Vodafone is launching a new corporate identity by cutting many of its separate brands and using a unified billing system, while it also plans to refurbish its 300 high street stores.

Vodafone is linking up with Qualcomm of the US to develop a "world phone" which can be used in Europe, the US and Asia.

Vodafone has reached an agreement with Internet Technology Group which will enable users of its GSM mobile phones to receive email.

Vodafone has agreed a £13m sponsorship deal with English cricket.

Vodafone has acquired Peoples Phone, the distributor of telephone handsets, for £77m, in order to reduce its dependence on independent retailers.

Vodafone is to acquire the remaining two-thirds of Talkland, the service provider, from Compagnie Generale des Eaux of France for £30m.

Vodafone is trebling its advertising budget to £20m, in response to the £30m spent by Orange.

Vodafone is increasing its stake in SFR, the French telecoms concern, from 10% to 16.5% at a cost of £300m.

Vodafone has reached agreement with American Personal Communications to enable customers to use their GSM cards when travelling in the US.

The government is preparing plans to phase out analogue mobile phone services by 2005, which would mean that Vodafone and Cellnet would need to transfer to digital networks.

Vodafone aims to double its shareholding in Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone to 20%.

Vodafone is lowering prices on its digital service in April, prompting fears of a price war in mobile phones.

Vodafone and the AA are to jointly develop in-car information systems, with a new trafiic information service being launched in January.