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Shop Direct


Shop Direct is to outsource its call centres in Aintree, Bolton, Preston and Worcester to Serco in July, but 1,000 jobs could then be lost with the closure of the Preston and Worcester sites.

Shop Direct is to shed 50 buying and merchandising jobs at the Speke-based headquarters of its online and catalogue shopping business.

Shop Direct is planning to close its distribution centre at the Berry Hill industrial estate in Droitwich, with the loss of 31 jobs, in order to transfer the work to Manchester.

Shop Direct has confirmed plans to close its mail order call centre in Newtown, Powys, with the loss of 163 jobs.

Shop Direct is planning to transfer 151 IT staff in Speke to IBM, as part of an outsourcing contract.

Shop Direct is planning to close three home shopping call centres in Sunderland, Burnley and Newtown, with the loss of up to 1,500 jobs.

Shop Direct Group is looking to revive the Woolworths name with a new chain of up to 200 high street stores, and is seeking franchisees.

Shop Direct is to shed 90 jobs at its customer services call centre in Sunderland.

Shop Direct is considering plans to close the former Kay's catalogue shopping warehouse in Worcester at the end of 2007, in order to transfer the work to Greater Manchester.

Shop Direct, the home shopping group, is planning to relocate its headquarters and more than 1,000 jobs from Manchester city centre to Skyways Park, Speke.

Shop Direct is to create 150 new jobs at its home shopping call centre in Preston.

Shop Direct is conducting an efficiency review at the Kays Warehouse depot in Worcester, which could lead to the loss of 65 jobs.

Shop Direct is to close its home shopping warehouse in Leeds with the loss of up to 550 jobs, while a further 250 jobs will be lost in Worcester.

Shop Direct is to close a call centre in India and transfer the 250 jobs back to sites in Worcester, Burnley, Bolton, Widnes, Preston and Newtown in South Wales, following the company's acquisition by March UK.