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Cobham is to shed an unspecified number of jobs at its flight inspection division at Durham Tees Valley Airport, in order to transfer the work to Bournemouth.

Cobham has acquired the remaining 50% stake in FB Heliservices from joint venture partner Bristow Helicopters for £74m.

Cobham is to shed 70 jobs at its aviation services business at Bournemouth Airport.

Cobham is expected to shed about 300 jobs next year, as the conversion work for the remaining Voyager air tanker planes will move from Bournemouth to Spain.

Cobham Defence Communications is to shed about 24 of the 100 jobs at its communication equipment factory in Blackburn.

Cobham is to shed up to 65 technical and administration jobs at Bournemouth Airport over the next six months.

Cobham is to set up a 43,000 sq ft surveillance systems office at Solent Business Park in Southampton in April, with the relocation of staff from three existing sites.

Cobham has sold its Leatherhead-based Engineering Consultancy Group to management for £13m.

Cobham has acquired Corp Ten International, the US surveillance technology company, for £7.8m.

Cobham has acquired Telerob, the German manufacturer of bomb disposal robots with 80 staff, for £66m.

Cobham is to acquire RVision, the US manufacturer of electro-optical and infrared imaging systems with 40 staff, for £18m.

Cobham is looking to close more of its defence and aerospace factories, affecting an unspecified number of its 7,000 staff worldwide and 2,500 in the UK.

Cobham is to shed 108 jobs at RAF Kinloss in Moray, in response to the planned withdrawal of Nimrod aircraft in March.

Cobham is to acquire Argotek, the provider of information assurance services to the US intelligence community with 70 staff, for £25m.

Cobham is to shed 95 jobs at its FRL flight refuelling systems business in Wimborne in 2009.

Cobham is to acquire GMS, the US supplier of surveillance equipment with 50 staff, for £14m.

Cobham is to acquire MA-Com, the US supplier of radio frequency components, from Tyco Electronics for £218m.

Cobham has acquired MMI Research, the Hampshire-based cellular telecoms company with 20 staff, for £14m.

Cobham is to acquire Sparta, the US provider of systems engineering and technical assistance services with 1,200 staff, for £212m.

Cobham is to acquire Lansdale, the US-based electronic warfare technology business with 400 staff, from BAe Systems for £120m.

Cobham is to acquire S-TEC Corporation, the US manufacturer of aircraft autopilots with 180 staff, from Meggitt for £19m.

Cobham is to acquire Patriot Antenna Systems, the US antenna manufacturer with 100 staff, for an initial £9m.

Cobham has acquired Domo, the Hampshire-based provider of wireless digital video surveillance technology with 21 staff, for up to £10m.

Cobham has sold Precision Antennas, the Stratford-upon-Avon-based supplier of telecoms antennas with 500 staff, to Andrew Corporation of the US for £15m.

Cobham has completed the sale of Wallop Defence Systems to Esterline Technologies Corporation for £44m.

Cobham, the defence and aerospace manufacturer, is looking to spend up to £350m on acquisitions in the US.

Cobham is to acquire Flight Precision and Aerodata Flight Inspection from Aerodata of Germany for £7.7m.

Cobham is to sell its Fluid & Air division companies to Eaton Corporation of the US for £150m, including sites in Dorset, Devon, France and the US.

Cobham has acquired Vector Fields, the Oxfordshire-based supplier of software for the design of equipment which involves electromagnetic fields, for £1.2m.

Cobham has acquired WA Systems of Exeter from Emblem International for an initial £1m, in order to expand its Chelton Defence Communications business.

Cobham has acquired H Koch & Sons, the US manufacturer of life support systems for aircraft, for £225m.

Cobham has acquired the French microwave and diodes business of Temex for £5m, and has also announced plans to acquire the defence business of US-based Remec for £135m.

Cobham has acquired Spectronic, the Danish manufacturer of audio surveillance products with 60 staff, for £21m.

Cobham is to shed up to 160 jobs at its FR-HiTEMP aircraft component operations in Hampshire, Dorset and Devon.

Cobham has acquired DTC Communications, the US-based supplier of surveillance equipment, for £26m.

Cobham is looking to spend £500m on acquisitions to expand its defence and aerospace engineering business over the next three years.

Cobham has acquired Precision Antennas, the Stratford-upon-Avon-based supplier of antennas, towers and microwave devices, for £3m.

Cobham has sold Westwind Air Bearings Group, the Poole-based supplier of air bearing spindles with 350 staff, to GSI Lumonics for £21m.

Cobham has acquired Harrison, the US manufacturer of fluid connectors for aircraft, from Sierracin for £6m.

Cobham has acquired Sea Tel, the US manufacturer of shipboard stabilised antenna platforms, for £16m, as well as ERA Technology, the technology design and testing company, for £20m.

Cobham is looking to sell its Westwind semiconductor machinery division for up to £15m.

Cobham has raised £106m in a share placing, in order to reduce debt and fund the acquisition of aerospace and defence companies in the US.

Cobham has reached agreement with Northrop Grumman of the US to acquire Litton Life Support, the Iowa-based manufacturer of air separation systems, for about £50m.

Cobham has acquired Orion Electronics, the Canadian supplier of GPS tracking equipment for £6m, and Xybion Sensor Positioning Systems of the US for £0.9m.

Cobham is spending £50m on three acquisitions, including the Blackburn-based land platforms communications division of BAe Systems, SAAB's Applied Composites Division and Drager Aerospace of Germany.

Cobham is forming a £9m joint venture between its FR Aviation subsidiary and Singapore Technologies Aerospace to service commercial airliners at Bournemouth International Airport, which will create 200 jobs over the next 12 months.

Cobham is to shed 99 of the 400 jobs at its Westwind air bearings factory in Dorset, and some work will be transferred to sister company Flight Refuelling's sites at Wimborne and South Molton in Devon.

Cobham has acquired Omnipless, the South African antennae designer, for £38m.

Cobham is to acquire an electronic fuel systems business from BAe Systems for £64m, in order to expand its flight refuelling subsidiary.

Cobham's FR Aviation subsidiary is to acquire National Jet Systems, the Australian operator of maritime surveillance services, for £24m.

Cobham is planning to spend £200m on acquisitions to expand its aerospace engineering business, with the focus being on the US defence sector.

Cobham is looking to expand its aerospace activities through acquisition, and is in discussions with GEC and British Aerospace about businesses which might be sold.

Cobham is acquiring Conax, the US maker of military equipment, for £40m.

Cobham has acquired Lincoln Laser, the US optical technology company, for $8.5m, and Nurad Technologies, the US microwave equipment maker, for $5.6m, as well as the passive microwave components business of Premier Microwave.

Cobham is acquiring the aerospace and marine division of ML Holdings for £35m, allowing ML to focus on the distribution of electrical and electronic components.

Cobham, the aerospace engineering concern, is looking for further acquisitions in the US and other countries.